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Reunion 2001 Tour - Page 1

Our Reunion 2001 Day began with a wonderful tour of good ol' West End High.  What a pleasant surprise it was to find that our school looks just as it did 40 years ago.  See for yourself as you browse these photos of our school as it is today!  For Reunion Weekend details, click here. Please help us identify anyone with a ? (or spot any mistakes).  To add your photos, email them to us.

Our tour of West End High School was a great way to start Reunion 2001 Day!


LEFT:  Old friends begin to congregate in front of the school.

RIGHT:  Mr. Morrow & Deahdra Tyler led a spirited singing of 'Our Alma Mater'.

Former students look on as WEHS principal, Elbert Morrow, gave a pep talk.

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Updated  11/20/23     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here


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