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Resume' DVD - West End High
1959 - 1963

FREE RESUME' DVD (see below for USB alternative)

If you do not own a set of WEHS yearbooks, email me your mailing address and I will send a Resume' photo DVD at no charge.

Here's what you can do with the DVD:
1.  View photos with any image software or Windows (or Apple Mac) photo viewer.
2.  Save photo files to your PC or laptop.
3.  Make DVD copies with a DVD writer (burner).
4.  Copy photo files to a USB flash drive (thumb drive).
5.  View photos on your TV with most DVD players.

If your computer doesn't have a DVD drive:
1. Buy an external DVD player ($30-$50) to connect to your computer's USB port.
2. I can send you a USB flash drive. You can to view photos direct from the USB drive or copy them to your computer. Just email me for my address, then send $15 to cover the cost of the USB drive.

If you use a tablet or smartphone and don't have a computer:
There are several Youtube videos you can watch to learn how to transfer fies from a USB flash drive to a smartphone or tablet.


The DVD only contains what is listed below. No clubs, sports, recognition, etc. Graduates of 1959-1963 will have photos of all four years at West End High.

Resume' covers for 1956 - 1963.
1959 thru 1963 - All four classes & faculty pages.
1958 - Freshmen, Sophomore & Junior class pages.
1957 - Freshmen & Sophomore class pages.
1956 - Freshmen class pages.


As you know, Resume' photos were largest for senior pages and smallest for freshmen pages. The larger the photos, the better the quality. So enlarging freshmen photos won't be as crisp as senior photos, but still decent enough for viewing.


Class page - click here

Faculty page - click here




Updated  02/16/22     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here


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