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1960 Classmate Bios - Page 1
Most bios were posted before 2005, though some have since
been updated.
New postings and updates are in
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I spent 4 years in the USAF. I married a Birmingham girl, Judy Wells, 32 yrs ago. I later graduated from Samford and attended law school for awhile, but started to work for First Alabama Bank, now Regions Bank. I've been with them for 28 years and serve as Sr VP, Volusia County FL. Judy and I raised our children in Montgomery and spent 18 years there before transferring here to New Smyrna Beach FL. We live in Port Orange, near Daytona Beach. We have 2 children who graduated from the U of Alabama. Stephen 30, married 2 years ago and manages 2 of Regions branches, Destin and Sandestin FL. Amy is 24, lives in Jacksonville and is getting married this Dec.

After WEHS, I worked for awhile then went to the U of Alabama where I had a really good time for a year. Then I came back to Birmingham (as requested by the Dean and my mother) and went to Birmingham Southern for a year, then worked and went to UAB at night. I returned to the U of Alabama graduating in '65 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I graduated on Sat and married Don Mohr (Bessemer High '58) on Sun. A few months later, when Don was offered a job teaching theatre in small college, we moved to Iowa and then to Lincoln NE, where we had 2 kids and lived for 20 years. While there, I got a PhD in Educational Psychology from the U of NE. After I worked as a professor for a few years, we moved to SC where we currently live. I am now a bureaucrat, working for the State Dept of Ed as a consultant on standards and assessment (mostly doing teacher training). Our daughter is married to a judge and I just became a grandmother for the 3rd time. Meanwhile, our son (a late bloomer) is attending Johnson and Wales, a culinary school in Providence. Does anyone remember when Tommy Scarbrough put pig eyeballs in Ms Redfern’s aquarium (he really didn’t know that formaldehyde would kill fish)? I thought Ms Redfern was going to have apoplexy, but those eyeballs entertained everyone for the whole day! How about Ms Whaley and her peanuts lined up on the desk and named for students, then eating them when she called on you? What about Ms Baughan's wart, which she (as a good Christian Scientist believing in mind over matter) adamantly refused to acknowledge as being on the side of her nose? And, of course, we, being teenagers of the '50’s, believed those stories about their marital arrangements and why Mr Baughan rode a bicycle to work. Finally, did any of you see Ms Hafling after you graduated? Several years ago, I found out she was in a nursing home and wrote to thank her for everything she did for me and Harriet Nabors (my best friend. Ms Hafling sent me back the most beautiful letter. Since I was the pudgy academic in high school, I didn’t think I had many memories except for studying, but I was wrong !

- (deceased) - The day after graduation I moved to Mobile. I married Bob Smith in '62. Barbara Robbins, my cousin and Pat Swindle were in our wedding. Unfortunately I have not kept in touch with any of our classmates since this time. We have lived in Mobile, Spanish Fort AL, Clinton MS and now Raymond MS. Bob has been in the insurance field for years and is VP of Fox-Everett in Jackson. We have 2 children. Kathy has 3 girls 2, 8 and 12. Rob and his wife Miriam have a son 9 months and they live in Metairie LA. I worked for AL Power Co in Mobile for 10 years and then became a "stay-at-home Mom." When we moved to Clinton in '83, I became very interested in working with stained glass. I took lessons, worked in a Jackson studio and we were members of the Chimneyville Crafters Guild. I now have a studio in my home and have continued this passion of working with glass. Last year, as a gift, I presented to our church, The Episcopal Church of the Creator, the 14 Stations of the Cross in mosaic stained glass. I have also started water color lessons. Throughout my adult life I have always done some type of volunteer work in school, church and community. Bob and I designed and had built our new home 3 years ago on a fishing lake in Raymond where we enjoy sharing our home with family and friends.
My husband died of a sudden heart attack April 27, 2003. I lived across the street from Harrison Park where I went to kindergarten, then Robert E. Lee and on to WEHS. Next door lived my cousins, Barbara Robbins and her brothers Ron, Gary and Dale. Like Barbara, I remember the Cook family, Diane, Carlton, Delores and their Dad playing tennis at the park, skating in front of Berney Points Baptist, playing with Elease Mullins, Martha Dean McCarter, walking to school with Barbara or begging Barbara's mother to drive us to school because Barbara was always late. Some of you may remember stopping at the drugstore at Berney Points on the way home from school with the gang for a cherry coke or an iced bottle of Coke. Brenda Mitchell and I use to ride downtown on the street car to the AL Theater to the Sat movies or walk to the WE Theater. Pat Swindle and I enjoyed riding around in her V W convertible. I remember those Della Phi Delta dances, car washes and selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to raise money. There were the band trips, singing in the choir, football and basketball games, and United Nations Tour. Nancy Whitlow, do you remember us lugging around those extra suitcases we just had to pack for the UN Tour?

STEVE BEASON - After WEHS, I spent 4 years in the USAF. Later graduated from U of Alabama in '70 (slow learner). I lived in Altus OK, Jackson MS and Fairfield Oh since '72 and have been married for 34 years to B.J. who retired from teaching 2 years ago. 3 grown children, 2 grandkids with one on the way. We both work at Argosy, a riverboat casino on the Ohio River outside of Cincinnati. BJ is in customer service and I am a dealer. Planning to retire in about 3 years. Update: In '02, B.J. was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery to remove 2 lobes of her right lung (chemo and radiation took care of that problem). Then this year it showed up in her right hip. After a partial hip repacement and more chemo, it appears she will be OK. She will have another CT Scan and we will go from there. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I recall that Ms Baughan used to make you do a ballet if you were late to her class. With that in mind, on our last day in class, we all decided to wait in the hall and go in late. Well, we all got to do the ballet. She took the whole class down to the auditorium and we spent the entire class period balleting or whatever. Another was the time that someone put pig embryo eyes in the fish tank on Ms Redferns' desk. And who can forget "zippy" Zander? I remarried in 2012 in Indian Rocks Beach, Fl {actually on the beach!} My new wife Peggy has 6 children, I have 3, we have 20 grandchildren, and 1 great. Life is great and we now live in Tampa, Fl. since I had enough ice and snow while living in Ohio for 37 years!


I attended the U of Alabama. It was there that I met my husband Sam. We lived in Birmingham for 2 years, in Chicago a year, Indianapolis 10 months and moved on to Middletown NY, Sam's hometown. We had a great life there for 18 years, but took the opportunity to move to a warmer climate in '83. We have a son, who because of distance, chose FSU over Alabama in '88. We can't complain. He has done beautifully since receiving his BS, MBA and is an executive with Duracell Div. of Gillette.

MYRA BUCKNER - After graduation, I went to work for AL Telco Credit Union in Birmingham. I met and married a fellow from GA, who was in the Navy, in '64. We had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. We did a lot of moving with the Navy, living in Annapolis, Newfoundland, FL, VA and Athens, Greece. After Henry retired from the Navy, we moved back to Birmingham and I went back to work for AL Telco. I plan to retire in June '02. Our oldest son was killed in auto accident at age 24. Our other son lives in Topeka Ks and has 2 sons. Our oldest daughter is married, lives in Tallassee and has a daughter and son. Our youngest daughter lives in Huntsville and are expecting their first child in Oct. God has been very good to our family. I am very excited about seeing everyone. I would love to be able to talk to all of you but especially those who went to Hemphill School.

- (deceased) - Since graduation, I have lived in Dallas, TX and several other places, but always back to Dallas. I am now divorced, 3 children and 7 grandchildren. After my divorce, I moved back home to be with my Mom, whom I sadly lost this past July. Am now living in Trussville, Al and working in the Office of Development for the AL Youth Home. A very rewarding job, helping children that have been abused and neglected.

JANICE CLARK - Married to Mike Forman. We will be married 40 years in October. We have 2 children, Michelle and Clark. We have 2 precious grandchildren, Russ (10) and Rachel (5). I am the Dean Secretary in the School of Continuing Education at Auburn Univ Montgomery. I have been with AUM for 30 years. I hope to retire in 2002. My husband owns his own engineering consulting business called WMF Engineering.

MARGARET COBB - After WEHS, I attended UAB, no degree. I married Gene Kesler (WEHS '58) in '62. After Gene graduated Auburn in '62, we moved to Huntsville. Gene worked for NASA (Electrical Engineer) for 34 years after working several years for NASA contractors. He retired in '99. I retired from Teledyne Brown Engineering in '97. We have 1 daughter, Kristin and son-in-law, Barry (Auburn grads) and 2 precious grandchildren, Hunter, 7 and Mary Emily, 5. They live in Muscle Shoals, approx 1-1/2 hours from our front door to theirs and we are willing and available babysitters! After living 30 years in Huntsville, we moved to Arab, AL in '92, a little quieter environment. I enjoy gardening (well, Gene enjoys gardening, I just DO it!), leading a weekly Bible study at my church, teaching Sunday School, singing in the church choir, volunteer work and community activities. I enjoy speaking to Women Ministry groups and cancer survivor meetings, having had ovarian cancer in '79.
Gene received the greatest gift ever on June 12, 2002, a new heart! We spent the summer of ‘02 in Birmingham living at the UAB Town House Apartments where we could make almost daily trips to Kirklin Clinic. Gene is feeling great and this year he celebrates his ninth “second chance” year. Life continues to be interesting as in 2004, his transplanted heart was by-passed. Yet another chapter. He continues to do well and exactly what he wants to do! We are truly blessed!

After graduating, I went to the U of Alabama. Married Richard in '63 and we moved to Knoxville TN. Moved back to Birmingham and I was able to go back to Tuscaloosa to finish my degree. We moved to Arlington TX in '78 and to Salina KS in '93. Richard is now in Marion OH working as Mgr of Engineering for a company there. I will join him at the end of June. I am presently the Director of Nurture and Outreach Ministries at a Methodist church here. We have 3 daughters, 2 live in Arlington, 1 in Birmingham (whose husband is in residency at UAB in Internal Medicine). They have a son, Trent.

- (deceased) -
Loved my 4 years at WEHS and all of the wonderful teachers and friends that were part of my high school career! Entered the University of Alabama in the fall of ’60 and graduated in ’66 with a degree in Economics. Immediately after graduation, Uncle Sam wanted my services in Vietnam but I had other plans for my life! I joined the U. S. Army Reserve and retired 30 years later as a Lt. Colonel while serving our country in various capacities and duties. Loved my time in the military and my military experiences have been most valuable in my civilian world. I worked for U. S. Steel in various sales and marketing positions in Birmingham, IA, TX, LA and GA and enjoy a retirement for those many years. I am married to the love of my life, a Florida girl who will attend the reunion with me, and we have 6 children that are all grown, educated, gainfully employed and out of our house, so far. We have 5 grandchildren, with more on the way, that we love and enjoy very much! I still work as I enjoy working, “I’ve never really worked a day in my life”, as the old saying goes, and use the additional income to finance our travels around the world. We have a home in Roswell, GA, just north of Atlanta, and would welcome a visit if one is in the area. Looking forward to our reunion and hope to visit with everyone to talk and reminisce about our WEHS days and where life has taken each of us since our graduation from WEHS some 55 years ago. Life has been good and every day is a blessing from God!

After WEHS, I spent a few short years as a night club musician before starting a legitimate career in Data Processing. Over the years I worked for several companies: I was DP Director at Mayer Electric, DP Operations Mgr at AG Systems, Programming Mgr at First Alabama and Systems Analyst/Project Mgr at Alabama Power. I retired from Alabama Power at age 55. My wife Georgia and I have been married since '64 and have 3 successful children and 7 wonderful grandchildren to whom I am known as GrandPat. I love gardening (though it doesn't show) and enjoy woodworking. I have collected '40s pottery for 20 years. We live in a 1915 home in the Highland Park neighborhood near the old John Carroll site. I lost my Dad, but my elderly Mom and 2 older brothers are doing great. Over the years I have had many uphill battles and more than my share of personal struggles, but I'm still here and trying to learn something new each day. I would love to know how my old friends are doing. My best to you all.

After WEHS I went to work for Sou Bell in Birmingham as a drafting clerk. I married Jim Little, class of '56, in '61 and we will celebrate our 40th anniv in July. We have 1 son, Jim, 35, who runs a computer company in Homewood. After 34 years with Sou Bell, I retired in '94 as Dir of Client Svcs for the 5 S Central Bell states. I attended Samford Adult Education School of Business at night from '83-'86, but by that time had gotten heavily involved in local politics. With family, work and politics, something had to give (hopefully, I'll graduate some day). I served as chairman of the Rep Party in Shelby Co from '86-'90 and as Sect of AL Rep Party from '95-''01. I am presently chairman of the Rules Committee for the ALGOP. In '98 I was the founding pres of the AL Rep Assy and presently serve as the SE Reg VP. After taking early retirement in '94, I became active in Eagle Forum of AL and presently serve as its field dir and newsletter editor. I was honored to receive the '97 Nat'l Eagle Forum Award from Phyllis Schlafly in Washington and AL Eagle of the Year Award that same year. I edit the monthly newsletter for the Mid AL Rep Club and put out a conservative weekly email newsletter. I was a delegate to the 2000 Rep Convention representing AL on the Platform Committee and I was most proud to serve as an AL Presidential Elector for both George Bush in '88 and George W. Bush in '00. We have lived in Pelham for the past 28 years. Jim is retired from the Birmingham Police Dept and spends his time serving as Comm Dir of the AL Civil Air Patrol and builds large scale radio controlled airplanes. We attend Briarwood Presbyterian Church. It is good to read about classmates and all the things everyone has accomplished over the years!

After graduating, went to work at Southern Bell in Birmingham. Married 2 years later and moved to Oceanside CA where my husband was in the navy and attached to the Fleet Marine Force. We have now just celebrated 39 years of marriage. We have 2 sons who are married with children of their own. We have a total of 4 grandchildren, 1 girl, being the oldest and 3 boys. We recently built a house in Oneonta AL. We love to travel. One of the most memorable trips we took was to Alaska. We age both still working. I spent most of my married life being an at-home Mom, which was wonderful. Spend a lot of time now following the grandchildren to their ball games. Now I am an Admin Asst in the sales division for Royal Cup Coffee in Birmingham. I have been with them for 15 years. Would love to hear from some of you!

I married Paul Gilliam, class of '58. We have 2 sons and a daughter. Jeff, Heath and Lisa. Jeff has a daughter, Christian 10. Heath has a son, Ryne 9. Lisa has a son, Duncan, 3 months. Paul is retired and we love to travel, keep grandchildren and stay at the beach in Destin. We have lived in Vestavia for 23 years.

JAMES EHL - I graduated from Samford '70 in the School of Pharmacy. I own and operate my own business, The Medicine Chest Pharmacy in Vincent AL. We have a son that is married and lives in Homewood. He graduated from Auburn in '90. My wife, Wanda, and I love antiquing on weekend trips or going to Logan Martin Lake and cruising the lake in our pontoon boat with our friends. 

an Orthodontist and live in Gadsden. My wife Anita and I have a son, Kevin and and 2 grandchildren. They live in CA.

- (deceased) - After West End, joined Air Force Reserve. Attended U of AL. Fell in love with and married Susie Douglas, class of '63 in 1963. Went in insurance business in '68 with Metropolitan Life. In '70, promoted to Manager in Montgomery, AL. Transferred to Salina, KS as state manager in '78. In '81, transferred to Wichita, KS as state manager for Principal Financial Group. In '96 retired and joined Susie in our family business, Reflections Interiors in Wichita, KS. In '02, retired again and moved to TX where our 2 wonderful grandchildren live. Have 2 children, a son born in '69, who still lives in Wichita, KS and is in the insurance business. A daughter, born in '71, who lives in Denton, TX. She is a RN and specializes in hospital care for very small premature birth babies. She is also the mother of our grandchildren. Susie and I live in Corinth, TX on the banks of beautiful Lake Lewisville, where we occasionally take our Sea Ray for an evening cruise.

LETA GARST - After graduation I went to work for a law firm as a legal secretary. In '60, I married Henry Gaulden (Phillips '59). At the time we married, Henry was in the USAF stationed at Clinton-Sherman AFB, OK. I joined him and we lived there until '63. We have a son, Bill, who was born while we were in OK. Over the years I have worked in the legal, mortgage and real estate fields. At present, I am an Asst VP of the Property Mgt div of Collateral Mortgage / New South Federal Savings Bank. I have been with them 14+ years. Henry is a Sr VP, Computer Operations Mgr with Compass Bank. We have a beautiful 13 year old granddaughter. She lives in Nashville and we spend as much time as possible with her.

JERE GAULT - Lots of memories, many of them fading at this point, yet the good ones remain. Lots of blessings for the Gault's over the years. Penny (Penny King of Ensley '61) and I married in '64, had our daughters in '68 and '71. We look forward to celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary this coming December. After WEHS, I attended night classes at UAB for two years, then U of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for year and half. Too much fun there, so things didn't go well. Joined the AL Army Nat'l Guard while pursuing an undergraduate degree. Finally graduated in '70 from NE Louisiana U in Monroe. Worked for State Farm in '66 in Birmingham, transferred to Monroe in '68, transferred to Bloomington IL in '70, then to Winter Haven FL in '71. In '73 became a State Farm Agent for 10 years in Gulf Breeze FL. In '84 became agency manager for 11 years in Fort Walton Beach. In '95 transferred to St Petersburg for 5 years. Retired from State Farm in November 2000 and started a small commercial real estate business. Moved to Lakeland, Florida for 12 years to be near our older daughter, Jennifer, and my granddaughter. Later Jennifer moved to Atlanta near our other daughter, Robin. In 2017 Penny and I relocated to Atlanta, GA to be near our two daughters…all part of our retirement planning. Penny and I have traveled the world. Our favorite is the Tuscany and Umbria areas of Italy. Part of Italy's attraction is Penny's interest in art. She is an artist who also enjoys art history, and thus is a marvelous tour guide for our family, especially in Europe. Our daughters are each doing well. We have the one granddaughter who now has two of her own children. One of my life’s most recent passions is helping migrant farm worker students get “to” and “through” college. My friends and I currently have 34 such students attending colleges and universities throughout the country…including Harvard, Dartmouth, and Stanford. Thanks to God, Penny and I are living happily ever after in Atlanta. 

BILL HARRIS - I moved to Birmingham my senior year and graduated from WEHS in '60. I was employed by the Birmingham Fire Dept for 12 yrs and resigned as a Lt. I then was employed as the Fire Chief in Midfield. I then became a military technician with the 117th ANG unit in Birmingham. I have 3 boys, all have degrees. My oldest has two degrees and is working on his third, the middle one was in the honor society in high school and college and graduated with a 3.5 GPA, UAB, biology. My youngest is a lawyer (Cumberland) with 4 degrees and his wife is a teacher and principal. She is working on her PHD. I have two degrees. The G.I. bill was good to me. I married my first wife in '69 and she passed away in '00 with lymphoma. She was in the honor society in HS and was a lovely, intelligent lady that is responsible for my boys success in school. I married a wonderful, beautiful lady in '02. She was in the Honor Society also and she takes good care of me. I want to tell you about my military experience. High schools in Atlanta had a mandatory requirement (grades 8-12) for Army ROTC. We had a rifle range in the basement of the gym and a competitive rifle team. I had 3 yrs of Army high school ROTC. I then attended Auburn for two yrs (not a very good student). Auburn had a mandatory two yr requirement for ARMY ROTC. I then got my draft notice in '63 and joined the AF in '64. I ended my military career in '02 at age 60 with 38 yrs of military service., If ROTC counted, I would have had 43 yrs. I am a retired military technician and retired AF with approximately 15 yrs of active duty. Between the ninth grade and age 60, there was only one yr that I did not have a either an Army or AF uniform assigned. It was good for me and maybe would be good for our society/culture.

MEL HARTLEY - Joined National Guard after WEHS. Active duty til '61 when I entered U of Alabama. Graduated from OCS and got married in '62. Active federal duty for 5 months when Gov Wallace "stood in schoolhouse door". As the newest 2d Lt, directly responsible for security of Mary Burke Hall which was off-limits to all male students at "The University", except me. Not bad duty - access 24 hours a day. First daughter, Michelle, born in '63. Moved to Huntsville and worked as draftsman 10 years in space program related work. Worked with Chrysler Corp, Sperry Rand and General Electric. Celebrated with fellow GE employees when our astronauts splashed-down on return from the moon. Renee was born in '64 and Brian in '67. Moved to Jemison in '73. Worked with AL Power for 2 yr. Started my career as drafting instructor at Bessemer State Tech College in '76. Graduated UAB in '78. BS Graduated from U of Alabama in '82. MA (FINALLY). Retired from Army National Guard in '84 (24 years service). Retired from Bessemer Tech in '99. Currently building new home. Looking forward to collecting 2nd retirement (military reserve) in 18 mo and moving into new home this month.

WALLY HENLEY - After graduation, I attended Howard College and graduated in '64. I married Irene Lambert, from Banks' first graduating class, and we celebrated our 40th anniversary last Sept. We have 2 children and 6 grandchildren, all of whom live near us in Houston.
I am an associate pastor at 33,000-member Second Baptist Church. I served previously as an aide to the President of the United States, asst director of the Division of Internal Security, US Dept of Justice, chief of staff for a US Congressman, writer for The Birmingham News, and pastor in Alabama. I also worked as a leadership developer in 20 nations, focusing on nations in crisis in the former Soviet bloc and Africa and am the author of 12 books. Irene is a Houston realtor. Because of my background in the two spheres of government and church, I spend much time studying and teaching on the relationship between belief systems and the nations they produce.

Shortly after WEHS, I joined the USAF and spent 4 yrs (last 2 in Alaska where I met my wife, Sena). After that, I joined the AF Reserve for 24 yrs and retired as Senior Master Sergeant. Looking forward to that retirement check when I turn 60. Worked for LandN Railroad as Claim Agent for 2 yrs, started to UAB and finally graduated in '72. Been working with Birmingham Park and Rec as Business Mgr for 28 yrs. Sena retired 3 yrs ago after 30 yrs as RN with Children's Hosp. We have 2 daughters and a son, 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way. We lived 25 years in Altadena area and are currently living on Lay Lake near Shelby, AL. Missed the one at Cascade Plunge, but went to most of the others prior to that. Have really enjoyed reading about everybody on this site. This was a great idea. I plan to let everybody that I can know about it!

CLARENCE HODNETT - After WEHS, I joined the Army for 3 years, spending most of my time in SC and Germany. Following my discharge, I worked for 3 years prior to going to nursing school and then on to anesthesia in Norfolk VA. I graduated, took my boards and became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. I met my wife of 30 years in VA and together we have 5 children. In '91, I transferred to the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Cheyenne WY and had to take disability retirement in '97. We moved back to VA and now travel occasionally to visit our children who live in various parts of the country.

(deceased) - Graduated from Auburn with a BSEE in '64. Worked for Southern Bell in Birmingham, transferred to Huntsville and worked in the NASA Complex. Went to Harvard Business School in '68 and received MBA in '70. Married Jo Edmondson, an 'Ole Miss grad, in '70 and moved to Houston. Developed a 9300 acre tract of vacant land into a city of 65,000 (Sugarland TX) where we now live raising Limosine cattle and walking horses. Retired in '94 and ran for the State Legislature. Have served as a State Representative since that time. God has richly blessed our family. We lost a son in '89 at 17 months of age. We have a son Chad, who is now a corporate pilot. Our daughter Julie, married to Blair Drenner, has 2 sons and 2 daughters. Our son, Chad, is a corporate pilot.

In '64, I married Wayne Snellgrove, who I met while at Auburn. We have lived in Samson AL, Hazlehurst MS, Auburn for a 2nd time while Wayne was in graduate school, Thomaston GA and now LaGrange GA since '75. We have 2 great sons, both in their 30's and both married. Jeff works for the city of LaGrange in the telecommunications dept and Eric is a veterinarian at McAdory Vet Clinic west of Birmingham. We have 2 step grandchildren and our 1st biological grandchild due at Christmas time. I have worked as a lab tech at Auburn, a substitute teacher and now have been self-employed for 30+ years. Wayne is retired from the field of education and now is an accomplished bird carver. We enjoy travel, having gotten back from a trip to Alaska last month and in January experienced the thrill of swimming with manatees in FL.

TERRY SUE JOHNSON - I have been married to John Heald for almost 39 yrs. We have a grown son and daughter and an obnoxious “grandkitty”. We have lived in Gadsden since '68 where John was an investment broker for American Express, retiring in 2000 after 30 yrs with them. I worked for our former mayor until '90. We enjoy politics, traveling and camping.

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