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Elementary Days - Page 1

The first school in the area, West End School, was a wood frame schoolhouse constructed in 1871 and later moved to Cotton Avenue, where it was expanded to three rooms. In 1902, the wooden West End School was replaced by a brick schoolhouse. In 1910, the school became part of Birmingham's public school system when West End was annexed in the Greater Birmingham legislation that took effect.

Left - First West End School.       Right - Hemphill Elementary.

Left - Central Park Elementary.       Right - Bill Rinks with Ms. Burns (8th grade) at 99!


Left - Jackson Elementary.       Right - Elyton Elementary.

Left - Robert E. Lee Elementary.      
Right - N.H. Price Elementary.

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Updated  04/27/24     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here

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