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In Memoriam - Page 1
Updated 02/13/2024
(recent additions are in green)

  Visit 1961-1963 In Memoriam Page  

These pages are dedicated to our classmates & teachers who are no longer with us, but will live forever in the memories of their WEHS friends. If you know of deceased classmates or teachers not listed, please let us know. New postings are in green.



Blanch Abrams
Ann Batey
Marianna Baughan
George Baughan
Betty Brown
Elizabeth Callen
Mary Castleberry
Barbara Curtis
Sophie Davis
Lee Dewberry
Flora England
Dana Evans
Kathleen Ezell
Thomas Fletcher
Mary (Mimi) Gibson
Alta Glover

Mary Hafling
Martin Hames
Joel Harrison
Laurette Haywood
Bettie Hicks
Ruth Hilleke
Eleanor Howton
Wynelle Hurlburt
Sid Ingram (coach)
Gretchen Jones
Fred Kitchens
Laura Kate Miller
Edward Poe
Anna Praytor
Ralph Price
Virginia Proctor
Ward Proctor (coach)
Lila Redfern
Hattie Robertson
Merritt Roy (coach)
Mary Pate Shelburne
Jane Shell
Sam Short (coach)
Annie Slaughter
Tommie Smith
Mrs. Rob Spurrier
Martha Trantham
Annie Whaley
Marianne Wilder
Dorothy Williams
Betty Jean Wooten
Elise Anne Zander

218 graduates in 1959   -   49 confirmed deceased

Gordon Bowie

Barbara Brown

Jim Davis

Bailey Dickinson

Sally Dowdy

Elizabeth Ann Fields

Alice Foster

Hess Fridley

Don Fulbright

Janice Gardner

Linda Hand

Eddie Hannon

Vivian Harper

Scotty Harris

Ella Hoffman

Bob Hubbard

Kenneth Hyde

Samuel Landman

Agnes Lay

Bill Lemley

Melvin McCombs

Sally Manier

Carl Martens

Judy Morris

Judy Lois O'Shields

Betty Ann Pair

Cole Pennington

Jimmy Poe

William Posey

Mary Lou Randolph

Bill Redmond

John Reese

Terry Robbins

James Larry Schoettlin

Michael Shepherd

Jimmy Sillivan

Patsy Stewart

Larry Stirling

Carolyn Stringfellow

Thomas Swain

Patsy Tate

Ginny Turner

Wynelle Turner

Raymond DeMarco

Joe Hurlbert
Mike McGill
Evelyn Lay Moon
Paula Moon
Shirley Troha


275 graduates in 1960   -   63 confirmed deceased

James Abercrombie

Richard Acton

Carolyn Amick

Elden Banker

Linda Barnes

Don Bates

Warren Bates

Bobby Bedford

Ben Bingham

Jimmy Bounds

Terry Bradshaw

Alice Faye Burgin

Brenda Burnett

Carolyn Busenlehner

Sherry Lynn Coleman

Crawford Conway

Tommy Cork

Claude Crouch

Judy Crowe

Mary Martin Dodd

John Drenning

Doug Dutton

Rusty Fulbright

Ralph Fulton

Brice Max Fewell

Lanny Gardner

Margaret Henderson

Bobby Holmes

Charlie Howard

Larry Hyden

Cynthia Ann Jones

Gene Jones

Carolyn Keller

Phillip Kelley

Leon Lucas

Richard Lyemance

Sue Mann

Martha McCarter

Bo McIlwain

Eugene McMeekin

Tommy Milner

David Moore

Bobby Owens

Leland Pace

Ronnie Pennington

Bill Ray

Gloria Reeve

Jesse Screws

Jack Sellers

Sandra Sims

Martha Smith

Nancy Spurrier

John 'Bo' Streetman

John TIpton

Donna Tompkins

Barry Wallace

Reilly Wallace

Linda West

Don Dupree

Nancy Hand
Jerry Jones
Chris Martin

Edward Parker


  Visit 1961-1963 In Memoriam Page    


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