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In Memoriam - Page 2
Updated 11/20/2023
(recent additions are in green)

  Visit 1959-1960 & Teachers In Memoriam Page  

These pages are dedicated to our classmates & teachers who are no longer with us, but will live forever in the memories of their WEHS friends. If you know of deceased classmates or teachers not listed, please let us know. New postings are in green.


319 graduates in 1961   -   77 confirmed deceased

Terry Akridge

Brenda Anderson

David Anderson

Billy Andrus

John Batson

Dorothy Beckman

Tracy Benton

Willie Bigham

Thomas Brett

Sammy Bryant

Michael Carlisle

Ken Carden

Johnny Carpenter

Charles Catha

Julia Chamblee

Alice Clifton

Don Dennis

Linda Dorroh

David Dowdy

Dixie Dyer

Leon Ellis

Trina Farris

Melvin Fields

Kay Foy


Sally Gary

Sandra Gaught

Wayne Giles

Reba Ann Grimes

Henry Haney

Don Hannon

Barbara Harden

Jimmy Harrell

Wade Harris

Lynn Hightower

Margaret Carolyn Jacob

Gene Josey

Dan Liles

Arthur Wayne Lovell

Bonnie Lowery

Martha Lynn Mann

Paul Martin

Ronald McBride

Mary Jo Melcher

Roger Moore

Ann Morris

Madison Pruet

Walter Reese

Doug Robinson

Don Romager

Barbara Ross

Raymond Rowell

Vickie Sanders

Dena Sarris

Peggy Spain

Billy Joe Shipp

Charlene Springfield

Ronnie Steele

Terry Stone

Paul Gerald Sumners

John Tate

Tommy Thomas

Riley Thornton

Rodney Van Dyke

Earl Vardaman

Lewis Womble

Wayne Clemmons
Ray Cornelius
Doris Dingler

Elaine Fletcher
Dan King
Joyce McCain
Randall Mitchell
William Reece
Bill Rinks
Ronnie Thompson

Jo Ann Traylor
Carolyn Tyler


226 graduates in 1962   -   62 confirmed deceased

Tom Barnes

Shirley Bowdon

Mike Brannon

Sandra Buckelew

Annette Bunch

Jay Burnett

Jimmy Burroughs

Shirley Burroughs

Sonia Ann Cherry

Donna Clark

Marilyn Cooley

George Copus

Jimmy Daniell

Judy Donaldson

Bill Doyle

Gerald Dunaway

Marilyn Fuqua

Ann Goodwin

Thurman Gillentine


Larry Wayne Guy

Ruth Halbrooks

Dianne Hall

Johnny  Harmon

Allwin Horn

Roderick Houston

Linda Ingle

Robert Ivey

Jan Catherine Johnson

Peggy Karr

Stanley Knecht

Sue Lancaster

Reba Lay

Jean Lee

Bob Letson

Harry Barton Lewis

Kay Love

Hoyt Mann

Naomi Cheryl Mahaffey


Anita Louise Noland

Patricia Ann Pate

Annette Parker

Janice Anita Phelps

James David Ratliff

Ginny Rogers

Bernice Savio

Judy Sellers

Nina Southard

Jerry Spruiel

Larry Tatum

David Trotter

Richard Waller

Jerry Walls

Barbara Young

Jimmy Ackis
Maurice Cash

Benny Dye
Jerry Frost
Bobby Fullbright
Richard Hulin
Bill McCree
Robert Ousley
Andy Pilley


207 graduates in 1963   -   40 confirmed deceased

Bob Atchison

Joe Bakes

Larry Gordon Batson

Robert Berger

Leila Mae Burnett

Dan Carter


Mary Francis Cleveland

Sandra Elizabeth Curry

Sam Ellis

Jim Fisher

Frank Haynie

Betsy Henderson

Tol Hollis

Mary Suzanne Huie

James Edward Johnson

Linda Martens

Ronald Moon

Chesley Lee Morris

Roma Neal

Linda Ann Panty

Jimmy Pool

Sandra Runyan

Ronald Saltsman

Richard Sessions

Donald Stubbs

Billy Sterling

Sam Sutton

Sandra Weeks

Martha Wilkinson

Margaret Wright

Andy Belcher
Frances Brand
Donna Cater
Howard Crider
Raymond Harris
Roy Hasty
Hugh "Butch" McCain
Jack Porter
Lonnie Shoultz


  Visit 1959-1960, Teachers In Memoriam Page    


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