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1962 Classmate Bios - Page 1
Most bios were posted before 2005, though some have since
been updated.
New postings and updates are in
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Well, my life has been very simple. I went to night school at UAB for a couple of years, until I was told that my "greetings" notice was in the mail. I joined the Coast Guard and stayed in for 4 years. I married my next door neighbor, Joanne, the last year. I left the service so that I would not have to move so often. I then took a job with IBM and stayed for 25 years. IBM was true to their name (I've Been Moved or I'll Be Moving). Seemed that I was always being ask to do a special project and was chasing the next promotion, which generally did not happen, but I accepted jobs all over the country. I was the key person on many projects and feel that I made a difference to the computer industry. I was able to take an early out in '93 and traveled around the country doing contract work for a while. My official retirement was not until '98. I have a small farm in Grady, south of Montgomery. We have 3 kids. Karen is a doctor. Wiley is a professional chef. Nicole is a professional photographer and the mother of our only grandchild, with another on the way.

After WEHS, I attended Howard College. When I graduated in '67, it had become Samford University. My senior year I married Judy Campbell, who also graduated WEHS in '62. We were married 20 years and had 2 children, David and Jennifer. David is in the 82nd Airborne and is stationed in Gainesville GA. Jennifer is a freshman at Samford. After graduation from Samford, I worked at Hayes Aircraft for a year. Next was a 3 year tour in the Navy, which brought me to Marietta GA. After my discharge, I worked at Western Electric while attending law school. I received my Juris Doctorate in '75 and opened a private law practice in Marietta in '78. Judy and I divorced in '88. I married Charlotte in '96. She teaches 5th grade at The Walker School. Charlotte has 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. In '97, I closed my private practice and now represent the Cobb County Board of Commissioners as in-house counsel. Last year we moved to Kennesaw GA. The house is only 15 minutes from the county model airplane flying field, a big consideration when looking for a house. I began building radio control model planes several years ago after a bad motorcycle accident. No permanent damage, but crashing a model is a lot less painful than crashing a motorcycle. Life is good. No complaints. Just trying to get 28 hours out of every day!

After graduating from West End, I attended and graduated from Alabama College (now U of Montevallo) with a degree in Elementary Education. I taught in Decatur, AL until I married Ray Freeman from Hartselle. Ray's business moved us to OK, KS, GA, VA, FL, TN and finally back to Decatur. I'm still teaching, 7th grade at cedar Ridge Middle School. We have a son, Russ, who teaches and coaches football at Decatur High. My years at WEHS hold some of my most precious memories. I would love to hear from and see all the group.

- I am living in Illinois. Been elected Village Trustee for the last 8 years. No opposition this year, the locals just cannot beat an AL boy. Married with 1 daughter living in Germany. Her husband is a Major in the Special Forces. They have a son, Josh, my grandson, what a guy. I retired from the USAF after thirty years as a Chief Master Sergeant. Been retired 9 years and am teaching accounting at a local college.

After WEHS I received a BS Degree in Bacteriology from the University of Alabama in 1966. I interned at the old South Highlands Hospital in Birmingham and am a registered Medical Technologist. I worked at South Highlands, Jefferson Health Foundation and East End Hospital (now Medical Center East). I have been married to Doug Nunnelley (Woodlawn '60) for 35 years. He also graduated from the U of A. He is a CPA --worked for Ernst & Young, was chief accounting officer for Amsouth Bancorporation, and then CFO at Colonial Properties Trust. He now works part time as controller for Thompson Realty at Shoal Creek. We have been in Birmingham except for two years in Atlanta in the mid-seventies. We have three children. They all graduated from the University of Alabama and are all married and currently living in the Birmingham area. Kelly (31) is a CPA, but is now expecting her third child (Jacob is 3 and Allison is 2). Kim (30) is a district sales manager for Eli Lilly Parmaceutical Co. Todd (26) is director of public equity investments for Harbert Management Corp. We love Alabama football and attend most home games. Also we spend as much time as possible at the beach -- Seacrest Beach on Hwy 30-A between Panama City and Destin. I enjoy tennis, bridge, reading, needlework, and love the time I get to spend with my children and grandchildren. It has been great to talk with old friends because of contacts made through westendonline!

GWEN BRYARS - I retired from BellSouth with 30 years service in '94. I am presently doing contract work for BellSouth through an outside vendor.

After missing our graduation at WEHS because of pneumonia, I went on to work as a church secretary at Central Park Methodist Church for about a year and next attended school at the University of Montevallo. The death of my father called me back to Birmingham where I worked at Jefferson Federal and then on to work for two attorneys, Bynum and Bynum. I met my husband, Wes, who was a Navy pilot and became a mother twice while moving 13 times in 4 years. We left the military and he flew for Delta Air Lines for over 30 years living 15 years in Houston, TX. There I saw Wayne Potter in the car next to me at a traffic light in Spring, Texas and just couldn't get his attention ... next time, Wayne, look to your left! Now we are retired living in Gainesville, GA on Lake Lanier enjoying our 6 grandchildren. We are so blessed that our daughter and son with their families live within 40 minutes of us. I am busier than ever doing oil painting, needlework, writing, gardening, love to refinish anything I can get my hands on and traveling to see the world. We flew twice to Rome, Italy just for dinner! I am enjoying being with my best friend, Wes and all my gal friends I have been blessed with here in Gainesville. However, my friends from West End are my "golden friends" whom I cherish. Email is a blessing isn't it, as I can keep up with LaRae, Margaret "Burks" and Anna Abercrombie (Anna didn't graduate with us but many remember her from Elyton). Thank you, West End, for all the good ol' memories and how did our generation make it without cell phones? Thank you too, Mrs Whaley, wherever you are, for the smiles. Now, I can tell you that "Kill Roy" was started by my brother.

MARGARET BURKS - Married Mike Burrough, '62. Moved to West Palm Beach FL, have 2 children, Steve and Lynn. We lived in WPB, Anniston and Birmingham and were married 17 years. Married again for 15 years and became a country girl living in Springville AL with cows, horses, dogs and cats. I retired from BellSouth in '91 and have worked off and on since. Have been single again for 2 years and back to being a city girl. Lynn has a beautiful 10 year old daughter, Rashae and a handsome son, 3 year old Michael. Steve is married, back in school and planning to coach and teach and start a family. We all live in the Birmingham area now and see each other often.

After WEHS I began work at Southern Bell in the accounting department and what would become a 32-year career. That fall I began college part time at UAB. In '65 married Ronnie Beard ('62) and divorced in '88. We moved to Atlanta in 1969 partly because of his duty station at that point in Marietta and partly because of business opportunities for me. The move was a major stepping-stone toward career commitment as I focused on finishing school - Georgia State, BS Psychology. BellSouth transferred me among several departments before I finally settled in Human Resources. Took time out twice to have David who is now 28 and Jennifer now 19. They are the light of my life! David is a sergeant in the Army attached to the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg but on loan (thankfully) as a recruiter to the greater Atlanta area. He is engaged to marry Suzanna in April '02. Jennifer is a freshman nursing student at Samford where she is enjoying dorm life and singing in the chorus. I loved almost every job I had with Ma Bell but in '94 it was time to refocus again. I retired to take a job as executive director of a non-profit, which I did for 4 years from the office in my home. This afforded me the opportunity to be available to Jennifer during her middle and high school years - a period we both thoroughly enjoyed. Now I am employed at my church managing databases and hordes of volunteers. Favorite memory of WEHS is Mr Baughan's chemistry class and memorizing the periodic table, which I still remembered when David and Jennifer took chemistry. I owe a great debt to Miss Batey for senior English and her encouragement in learning to write. And who can forget Mrs Martin, "the verb to be never takes an object." 

PAT CARNEY - After graduating from WEHS, I graduating from Auburn with a BS in Business Admin. I spent 2 years in the Army serving 1 year in Viet Nam. After military service I moved to Houston TX and began a 31 year career with Edison Brothers Stores, retiring in Aug '99, as a Regional Loss Prevention Mgr. I moved to San Antonio in '78 and married my wife, Rosemary. We have 1 son who graduated from Baylor U and is getting his Ph.D. at LSU. Rosemary was a middle school teacher for 30 years and retired in May '00. I had been an independent retail loss prevention consultant since retiring, but have recently started another career as a District LP Mgr for Ross Stores.

Living in Snellville Georgia. Married in 1963 to Joe Meek (WEHS '59) while he was in the US Marine Corps. We both retired from a family business in 2007.

LINDA COX - I left WEHS very early and got married; doubt many will remember me. I would have graduated in 1962. Wayne joined the USAF and we moved to FL where I finished school. Had no clue what marriage was about. A great thing came from it though; my daughter, Anne Marie. She won scholarship to Samford U; graduated Summa Cum Laude and Valedictorian; got full presidential scholarship to Cumberland Law School. She's now City Attorney for Madison, AL, married to Alan Lacy, CFO of Intergraph Corp. They have horses and are members of Hillsboro Hunt Club in TN. I married again to a unique interesting guy (shouldn't have let this one go; fortunately, we still keep in touch. Guess marriage wasn't for me though; just happier single, I suppose - a curse or blessing for the Cox family. Anyway I thank God for all blessings; still having fine time so far. Presently I'm the medical transcriptionist for AMSG, PC; busiest medical practice in Tuscaloosa; been there 4 years and love it. Enjoyed the pictures, news and info at West End Online. I'd love to talk to/see the few I really remember; it'd have to be interesting!

After WEHS, I attended Auburn and spent 2 years there having some great memories there with some friends from WEHS. I transferred to Birmingham Southern and married. I graduated in '66 with a degree in Elementary Educ. We moved to Montgomery where my husband worked as a syndicated cartoonist. We have 4 children; Christopher 33, an Auburn grad, married and living in Atlanta; Elizabeth, AUM, a stay at home mom with my 2 precious grandchildren; David 22 yesterday, an Auburn grad in Management Information Systems; and the baby, Ellen 19, attending AUM. These are my great children and I am so proud of them. I did teach school off and on for 13 years, but spent most of my life being a mom and wife. I am very active in Frazer UMC. I volunteer to tutor underprivileged children and at Sav-a-Life and do genealogy in my spare time. Also spend 1 day a week having fun with a group of retired teachers. I feel so blessed for having such a wonderful childhood in Central Park and West End, and having some great friends. I treasure these times!

FAYE DUNN - I can remember being in Ms Whaley's class with her episode about the peanuts. She would line peanuts on her desk in rows and name each one. If she ate the peanut named after you, she liked you. The ones that would just sit there would be questionable of whether to pass you or not. Of course, the last choice was to knock you off the desk and you failed! I guess I was one of her questionables. We will never forget Ms Rakestraw. I only wished when I was in high school that I would have taken it a little bit lighter!

I have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. We are all doing great. I have worked at Shoal Creek for the last 9 years. I live in Lincoln AL.

RAMONA FRANKS - I have many fond memories of my life at West End High, but I did not graduate. I married in March of l961, before I was to graduate in January l962. I just wasn't interested in school. I wanted to get married and have children. I had a beautiful daughter. I went to Business College and took a job working as secretary, bookkeeper and receptionist to an optometrist in Five Points West. I divorced and began to raise my daughter. I met and married my second husband two years later. Our son, Jim was born in '71. I worked at Carraway Methodist Medical Center for almost l9 years, first in Admitting then as a Pharmacy Tech in the Operating Room Pharmacy. In l999, a year after I retired, my husband retired after 31 years with U.S.Steel and we moved to Panama City Beach. A year later Jim moved his family to Niceville and is now a financial advisor in Destin. Sadly my daughter died in 2001, but left me three beautiful grandchildren, Bradley 20, Christine 18 and Tyler 17. Jim and his wife, Allison have two beautiful daughters, Julia-Love 5 and Jillian 16 months. My sweet husband of 33 years died in 2003. I have since become involved with the Senior Center and now work part time in the office. I schedule computer classes for our Senior Members, assist with planning bus trips and other activities. I feel truly blessed to have made the wonderful friends at the Senior Center and to have them in my life. I enjoy hearing from friends and classmates, especially those from Central Park and Green Acres. I try to visit my Dad, who still lives in Birmingham, at least every other month. I will always cherish the friends I had and the times we spent at WEHS.

After graduation, I attended Alabama College (now U of Montevallo) along with at least 10 fellow WEHS classmates. I joined the Delta Chi fraternity and served as President of my chapter. I was very active in the Student Gov't Assn and the athletic club (I ran cross country). I graduated in '66 with honors and a major in Chemistry (thanks to good ole Mr. Baughan) and minors in Math and Physics. I joined IBM after graduation along with several fellow WEHS and Montevallo classmates. I worked as a Systems Engineer in the new field of Information Systems. I left IBM in '70 and hitch-hiked (back when you still did so) from Birmingham across the US, to the Yukon and across Canada (an interesting 3 month trip where I met many different types and had a number of unusual experiences). Over the next 4 years I worked for NCR, Jefferson Federal and Guaranty Savings and Loans - all in Birmingham. I joined Price Waterhouse in '74 as a consultant in Birmingham and married Tracy Newman (Mountain Brook, Auburn) in late '74. My work took us to a number of different places including 4 months in New Zealand. Then, in '78 we moved to Jefferson City, MO where I worked on a major consulting assignment for 3 yrs with the State of MO. While there, our daughter Caroline was born. In '80 we moved to St Louis where we lived for 6 great yrs. While there, I became a Partner in Price Waterhouse and worked on a number of very large international assignments in Egypt, Costa Rica and Pakistan. In '82 our son Tyler was born. In '90 I joined Ernst and Young as a consulting Partner and subsequently retired in late '02. I now serve as a Group VP with Gartner, Inc. and lead our global Benchmarking Business. Our children live in Atlanta close by and our daughter Caroline has been married three yrs (no grandchildren so far). In '03 we bought a second home in Fairhope and spend as much time as we can down on Mobile Bay. I remember the great days at WEHS with fondness and look forward to the 2008 Class Picnic. The education I received at Jackson Elementary, WEHS and Montevallo have allowed me to have a very successful career working as a consultant all over the world with senior executives for some of the largest companies and public sector organizations. Final note, my avocation is still fishing (any kind) and I have been able to fish in some very exotic parts of North and South America as well as New Zealand.

(deceased) - Married Sam Bryant, '61. 2 daughters, no grandkids. In '70 we I started the old corporate transfer life. Tampa, Orlando, Greenville, Atlanta and a 2 year stint in Ft Walton Beach, where we thought we could retire as beach bums. Now living in Marietta GA.

HELEN HAYES - After graduation in '62 from WEHS, I worked at Long-Lewis Hardware Company for 9 months. I then got a job at Alabama Power and stayed there 46 years. I retired in 2009. In '67, I married Fred Earnest (Hueytown High '57) whom I met at Alabama Power. We moved to Concord (right past Hueytown, AL) and are still there. We have a 650 acre farm which we have leased for 22 yrs. with commercial cattle. Fred is still working at the farm. He had one daughter, Shelley, when we married. She is 49 now and has two girls, 25 and 19. We are very close. In '73, we had one son, Tim, who is now 39, works for DirecTV and has two girls, Adison, 6 years old and Peyton, 19 months old. Tim's wife, Jennifer, is a teacher at Oak Grove Elementary. Since retirement, I have enjoyed keeping my grandchildren from time to time. They are precious and keep me laughing. I have also enjoyed helping Jennifer at school one day a week. While I was still working and when I was 57, I decided to take a modeling course, something I've always wanted to do. The course was several months long and I graduated in September 2001, being the oldest one a class of teenagers. I started modeling, mainly for Steinmart here in Birmingham for about 8 years and really enjoyed it. In April, 2011, we were at home in Concord when the tornado hit. It demolished our house, everthing in it and three vehicles. It was quite traumatic, but we were not hurt and have now rebuilt where we were. We moved in our new house in Sept, 2011 after living with my son for 5 days, in a rental house for several months, then in a motel for one month. It doesn't seem like home yet, but it will eventually. That experience really changes your priorities. We go to Concord Baptist Church and they were really generous and helpful to us.

Received a BS in Metallurgical Engineering in '66 from U of Alabama. Married while on campus in '65. Lived in VA for 4 years building the aircraft carrier Nimitz and various types of submarines. Worked at Republic Steel in Gadsden for awhile, living in Trussville and Forest Park. Developed land outside of Pell City and called it Deertrace. Marriage couldn’t stand the hot summer of '80. Moved to Houston for the oil boom, 2nd marriage in '85 to Twila Vidrine (La Tech '67). She is from South Louisiana, a different place from what I’m accustomed to. Worked for different engineering and pipeline companies building pipelines and offshore platforms, working for Enron, Fluor, Brown and Root. Foreign assignments in Italy and France, staying a year in each. If I had the money, I would live in Paris. Never had children. I try to keep up my grandfather’s house in Plantersville, 20 miles N of Selma and keep having to go the Pell City to check on Deertrace. I like Houston, but think the best place I have every lived is AL. I miss AL every day and at times get so homesick. I’m a computer addict, think I blow too much money on them. I have always lived in a handyman’s dream and my present home of 14 years is no exception. I have come to realize that the education I received from Hemphill and West End was a good one and feel that I was lucky to go to both.

Been married to Dronnie Chandler (Mortimer Jordan) for 37 years. We have lived all over the Birmingham area, but in Inverness for the past 25 years. Dronnie is a General Contractor and builds commercial and residential. His business is Chandler Construction and he also designs and draws house plans (CCC Home Plan Center). We have a daughter, Nicole 29, who married Tom Anspach (Auburn) 4 years ago. She teaches 5th grade at Lake Park Baptist Church School in WP Beach FL. Tom is a Mechanical Eng, who owns and operates The Anspach Effort in WPB, a designer/manufacturer of surgical instruments. They tell us they are trying to give us a grandchild. Our son, Dustin 25, graduated Auburn a year ago, where he met and married Christy. Dustin works as a computer analyst in the MIS Dept. at ACIPCO in Birmingham. We are thankful to have one of our children close. My brothers, Calvin and Charles, along with our spouses, look forward to seeing and meeting everyone. God blessed us all for letting us live in West End and know each other. I feel like everyone from West End is part of my family!

I worked in Educational TV for 8 years after WEHS, then 2 years at Channel 13 (WPAI back then). I moved to Tuscaloosa in early 70's and worked as a musician for 5 years, a milk bottling plant a few years, managed an equip rental center for awhile, got an LPN nursing license and worked as a nurse for 2 years and am now managing a medical equip distributorship. I remember Ridlehoover's BBQ at Five Points West, West End Theater and Spivey's 5 and 10 cent store (now where the theater was). I remember the big tree out in front of the school where everyone gathered in the mornings to talk. My friends and I gave that tree a special significance, reverently calling it "The Tree". Does anyone remember having a W shaved in the back of their head on the 1st day of school as a Freshman Rat? I do and I was always grateful to that guy for not doing any more to me. I was also glad the suspense was over, it had been the worst summer of my life not knowing what terrible thing was going to happen to me when I started school!

Right after graduation I married Mr Wrong and had 2 children, a girl and a boy. I was divorced by the time I was 21. I had taken typing so I could get a job with no more education. I became a medical secretary and did this for many years. I eventually met the real Prince Charming, Roger Forehand, disguised as a tax collector for the IRS. We married in '75 and he helped me raise my 2 children and the daughter and son we had together. The oldest is l7 years older than the youngest. Because of the 2 sets of children, we had the pleasure of having teenagers in the 70's, 80's and 90's. I eventually returned to school and became a registered nurse at the age of 45. I have done several things in nursing, but for the last 3 years have worked as the nursing supervision for the Enterprise City Board of Education. It's the best nursing job there is, regular hours, no nights, weekends or holidays. We have a nurse in every school. We have lived in Enterprise for l7 years, Roger's home town. He has been retired for a couple of years from the IRS and has an office here doing income tax and helping people sort out their tax problems. Our youngest children are still being educated. Chris is a senior at the U of S Alabama in Mobile, majoring in Sports and Event Marketing. Heather is starting her 2nd year at the U of S Alabama Medical School. She wants to do rural medicine in a small town, but not Enterprise. I feel that even though I have lived a pretty ordinary life so far, it is extraordinary in that I have more happy times that sad times. I have been blessed with a good husband, good children and one grandchild who is 15. My memories of West End are a little dulled by the passage of time. The high school here has a student body of around 1100. It truly amazes me that it takes over l00 professional staff to educate that many now. The parking lot is huge. The students drive nicer cars that the teachers. I think about the students a WEHS who were lucky enough to have cars. I don't remember anything outstanding in the parking lot!

I did marry that good-looking guy, Johnny Davis (Ensley '57, U of Alabama '60), the month after graduation and we just celebrated 39 wonderful years. We have 3 children, 2 sons (biological) and 1 daughter (by adoption from Korea) and have lived in Decatur AL all this time except for 3 years on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. I was blessed to be a full time mom, then worked for 4 years until caring for my parents became my "outside" job. Both sons are engineers, graduates of Georgia Tech. Our daughter graduates from the U of Louisville in Dec and is married to a surgeon. We have 3 beautiful grandchildren and it's a good thing we love to travel since our children and grandchildren live in KY and Colorado. Johnny has retired once and we're trying to decide where we want to live when he retires again. I feel I've had an incredibly blessed life and I've really enjoyed reading about what has happened to everyone since I've been so out of touch. Thanks to y'all for bringing so many memories back to me. Does anyone remember driving over to cruise around at Ed Salem's or going to the Spinning Wheel for the best milkshakes? I remember having to dress up to go downtown shopping and we didn't even wear pants to school in those days. Having so many movie theaters with the movies changing so often. The privilege of having so many excellent teachers, but especially the "mature, unmarried" teachers who were so dedicated, capable and yet each one unique and special, from Hemphill through WEHS. Riding the bus to go to the symphony in grammar school and then the wonderful vocal classes with Ms Sophia Davis. Kick ball, dodge ball, playing on the bars at "play period" and the lunchroom in the basement at Hemphill. Hope others will send more good info, stories and memories!

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