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1962 Classmate Bios - Page 2
Most bios were posted in 2001-2003. Send us your updates.
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I've been married to Jim Hopkins of Mobile 35 years. Since '94, we've lived in Taylors SC, just north of Greenville. Before that we lived in Tampa (3 years), Dallas (17 years) and Houston (3 years). We have a son who's a psychiatry resident at Dartmouth Medical Center in NH and a daughter who teaches in Houston. I graduated from U of TX and worked as a reporter in Dallas, then as a freelance writer mostly for the apparel industry. Since '99, I've worked for a large agency as a private investigator. Long story - I'm the only female as well as the only investigator without a law enforcement background. In between these "real jobs" I also started my own (very) small company, StopActionSports, which provides writing, photography and promotion for women's sports, primarily golf. The constants of my life have been my family and my writing. I talked my way into the PI job with the intention of writing about it, then discovered I loved the work (a perfect match for my energy and curiosity, er, nosiness!). I remember that when Miss Praytor's rubber tree bloomed, it was quite an occasion! Also have fond memories of Ms Shelburne playing the bagpipe and waxing poetic about her adventures in Paris just before the Nazis marched in. The only thing I learned in Mr Baughan's chemistry class was how to make a stink bomb but that information has come in real handy over the years. Actually, the most useful classes I took at WEHS were Latin and typing. Can anybody else still conjugate hic, haec, hoc?

I attended the U of Alabamaabama and UAB. While practice teaching, I discovered that it was not the profession for me. I retired after 40 years with Merrill Lynch in March '06. My husband, Don Malpas (Shades Valley), retired in April '06. We left Birmingham in June '06 and traveled out west for five months. We very much enjoyed traveling out west and our lifestyle is now three months on the road in our motorhome and three months at home. Our daughter, Alecia, and husband live in Montgomery along with our granddaughter and two grandsons. We are trying to decide when to downsize and move closer to our daughter and grandchildren.

After graduation, I attended Auburn until calculus and organic chemistry grades suggested I let Uncle Sam arrange a cruise to SE Asia for me. I served 2 tours of Viet Nam with the US Navy and returned to Auburn in '67. Graduated in '69 and moved to Houston to attend Law School at U of Houston. Also, in '69, I got married (then divorced 6 years later). While attending UH, I worked as a management trainee for Ramada Inns. I loved hotel management and that led to a 22 year career with Stouffer's, Omni and Sheraton. I left Houston in '76 and moved with Stouffer's in the first of 6 company moves over the next 14 years (Kansas City, NY City, Atlanta (twice), New Orleans and Boston. In Iowa, I met and married my current wife, Julie, in '79 and we have 2 children, Jake and Sarah. Julie is a redhead and a supervisor at Tufts Healthplan. Jake is 21 and a senior at Loyola College in Baltimore. He just completed a semester of study in Madrid, Spain. Sarah is 18 and just graduated Notre Dame Academy and will be attending Bentley College this Fall in Boston. In '90, we moved to the south shore of Boston with Sheraton. In '93, I left Sheraton (6 years was enough). I was based here in the corporate office and we loved it here. In '94, out of necessity, I became an entrepreneur and founded an internet startup, Passkey.com, which thankfully is still going strong. I'm now on my third company, buying and reselling long distance. We've really been blessed over the years with great kids, good health and fantastic friends.

JILL NEAL - Married Bobby Morris, class of '61. After moving several times, we settled in St Louis in '79. We've had a wonderful life and are living proof that Auburn and AL grads can survive together. Our 2 sons, Scott and Jason live here too. Scott was in NY for 5 years and Indianapolis for 4 years before coming back here. We have 1 grandson, Robert Scott III and another grandchild on the way. We are retired; me from teaching at Rossman School and Bobby from 34 years with Monsanto. We are enjoying travel and charity work as well as a lot of golf and tennis.

SANDRA NOBINGER - After WEHS, got my BS degree from Montevallo and began teaching 1st grade in Huntsville. An old high school friend, Donna Clark, and I taught in Huntsville for several years until I met my husband, Albert Adkinson. He worked as electrical engineer with Redstone, but with farming in his blood and a degree from Auburn we moved to South AL. Our country farm was where we raised Angus cattle and our 3 lovely daughters. Anna is 30 and has a great job as Art Designer with Collins Signs in Dothan. Bethan is 25 and a nurse. Cailyn is 21 and a senior at Auburn. I've been teaching for 33 years and have no plans to retire. We love this country living!

The week after graduation I went to work with Southern Bell. I retired in '97 from Bellsouth with 34 years service. For the last 5 years I have been the office manager for Riders Harley Davidson in Trussville. I have been married 40 years to Jim Thomas (Phillips HS, '61). We have a son and 4 grandchildren (3 boys, 1 girl). Our son graduated from Samford and New Orleans Baptist Seminary and now teaches Psychology at the Freewill Baptist College in Nashville. My husband retired from the CSX Railroad with 33 years service. After our marriage, we lived in West End, Midfield, Huffman and in '96 built a home in Clay, where we now reside.

I have one daughter, named Tammi by my first marriage. By my second marriage, I acquired 2 step-children, Kim and John. At the time of my graduation, I was living in Midfield, got married and moved to Shannon, got divorced and back to Midfield. I graduated from UAB in '72, then my mother, daughter and I moved to Argo, which is just outside Trussville. I married again and we all stayed in Argo. Got divorced in '93 and had to go to work. I work at Trussville Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant and Tech. I have a house full of animals and teach Dog Obedience on the side. I would love to hear from anyone.

After graduation I joined the Navy and was trained in their nuclear power program. I was on submarines for all of my active duty service. After the Navy I went into commercial nuclear power and have worked in many plants around the country as a consultant. I am now living in Willow Springs, NC and work for Progress Energy. My wife, Michelle, and I have 6 children, 5 grandchildren and one on the way. We enjoy traveling and spending time with our grandchildren and families. I also enjoy motorcycles, gardening and playing a round of golf every now and again. I have many great memories of growing up in West End.

- (deceased) - After graduating from WEHS, I attended U of Alabama, later transferring to Livingston U. While there, I joined the Navy and entered the Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate Program. Summers found me at OCS and while in Fall and Spring I was in school completing my degree. Upon graduation, flight training proved to be one of the most physically and academically challenging experiences I ever had. My greatest thrill was landing on a carrier! I received the Navy Wings of Gold. During my second tour I was an instructor pilot in Pensacola, where I met and married Rusti. We have been married almost 29 years. We have 2 children, Johnson David and Heather. Both are married and Heather has given us our first grandchild, Rachel. While in the Navy, I literally flew all over the world, primarily in anti-submarine P-3’s, chasing Soviet subs. While in the Navy, I "saw the world” just like they promised, mostly living in FL and Hawaii with short tours in TN and MD. I retired from the Navy in '89 and now work as a trainer for the Central FL Regional Transportation Authority in Orlando. West End holds several warm memories for me, but the most important was the football team and that little sign over the locker door, “You’ve gotta want it!” That little motto and the lessons of sacrifice and determination taught by coaches Mitchell, Roy and Short helped me achieve life’s goals that I never could have imagined possible. I still have my '62 letter sweater and I’m just as proud of that letter as I am of my wings! There are so many great stories and memories that space won’t allow here, but I sure remember the locker room episode of Bobby Atchison and the scoop of “red hot” on a tongue depressor! Then there was the time Mr Merchant, our science teacher, banged two erasers together creating a cloud of dust. I had many friends other than on the football team and it has been a real treat to read on these web pages what has happened in your lives.

I attended West End High from 1958 to 1962, then joined the USAF and got in my 3 yrs military service in electronics. I worked in the electronics field for several years and found there was more revenue in the automotive field so I changed my line of work. I stayed with Volkswagen of America for several years, then opened my own independent Volkswagen business. In 1978, I became the Fleet Manager for UAB. I am now retired from the University with 25 years service. I was doing consultation work with different counties concerning automotive programs, now totally retired. I have been married since 1966 and have 1 son and 2 granddaughters. Now I spend a lot of time on the ole computer looking up people I knew in school and loving every minute of it.

EVERLY WALTERS - After WEHS, I went to Alabama to study theater with minors in English and French. I appeared in many plays there and thought I was destined for a career in theater (remember that my class elected me “Hollywood Bound”?). For my junior year, I went to France to university so that I could study French acting techniques. However, during that year, I had family difficulties and had to return to Atlanta where my Mother had moved. I was able to resume university at GA State 3 years later and came within 2 courses of graduating, but met and married a Canadian with whom I went to Canada to live. He was a composer and I became a librettist, writing the words to operas. We wrote 5 operas, mostly for TV. I had 2 sons there and lived there 22 years. When I finally went back to school to graduate, it was medical school and I became a doctor, then a neurosurgeon and was on the faculty of the U of Toronto for 7 years. I had divorced in my internship and met my current husband, an anesthesiologist, a year later. We have been together 27 years, married 23. I came back to the States when I was recruited to become Chief of Neurosurgery at a teaching hospital at Brown University. I am also a clinical epidemiologist, and when I retired from clinical practice in 2005, I focused on my clinical epidemiology consulting business. One of my clients is the UAB Division of Neurosurgery and I spend a week a month in Birmingham, coming back for the first time in nearly 30 years. I have two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law, two terrific grandchildren and another on the way. I have been very lucky.

KEN WATTS - After WEHS I attended Howard College, then got my BS in Physics from UAB. I retired from US Pipe as Chief Developmental Engineer in '99 after 32 years. I am now living in Denham Springs LA and currently work for Caltech, designing instrumentation at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) in Livingston LA. We are building a large telescope to detect ripples in space-time. My wife, Elaine Clark (from Huntsville) and I have been married 30 years. We have 2 sons (1 each from previous marriages). Both sons, as well as 3 grandchildren, still live in the Birmingham area. Elaine is enjoying being retired from nursing. She was an RN for 35 years. I also do consulting work for the Department of Energy and the Idaho National Engineering and Energy Laboratory. Elaine tries to keep me organized, but that seems to be a bigger job than she anticipated. I think about WEHS often and consider myself fortunate to have been influenced by the teachers and my friends while I was there.

After I graduated in '62, Bill Ray (class of '60) and I got married. He got a job selling cars in Birmingham shortly after graduation. In '72 he received a promotion and transferred to NC. He eventually purchased his own car dealership in Raleigh which he kept for 7 years until selling it and retiring to Wrightsville Beach NC in '91. He now has ownership in 3 other car dealerships in Rockingham NC. Our 2 sons Clint (37) and Todd (31) also own and operate 2 of these. Bill and I have 4 grandchildren with one on the way.

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