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1963 Classmate Bios - Page 1
Most bios were posted before 2005, though some have since
been updated.
New postings and updates are in
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BOBBY ATCHISON - My best WEHS memories are of Coach Roy and Ms Shelburne. They told me how good I could be as opposed to how bad I was. Both are gone now but I remember both of them fondly each day!

FRANK BAILEY - Started trying to figure out what year I graduated..'64? Surely not, that is almost 40 years ago, that can't be right! Now I'm depressed. Went from WEHS to AL College, married Joan Cromer from Mobile '67. Worked in Birmingham for the Juvenile Court and Mercy Home for 2 years, got drafted, joined the USAF at the last possible second. Flew a desk for 4 years. Daughter Nicole born in '70. Tulane slipped up and let me in and we lived in New Orleans for 2 years. Masters in Social Work. Moved to SD and worked in a community mental health center 4 years. Moved to Chattanooga, worked at State Mental Hospital in Adolescent Unit. Joan finished her Masters at about that time and teaches special education. Moved to N. GA and for l5 years have lived next door to Rock City, where I am a School Social Worker. Can retire in 3 years. Nicole is married and teaches English in Houston. She tells me I will be a grandfather in November. Whew! Now I need a nap! UPDATE:
I retired in 2005 from School Social Work, wife Joan (of 40 years) retired at the same time. Only child Nicole continues to live near Houston. Twin grandchildren, Emma and Bailey, just turned 5. We are spending lots of time between our little FL cabin and children in Houston. Still trying to sell our house and acre of land in Chattanooga. Know anyone who would like to live on Lookout Mtn near Rock City? Quick update...sold that house in Chattanooga three years ago. Now half time in Houston, a mile from 10 year old grandtwin girls, and half time in Steinhatchee Fl. Life rocks on. Sad to hear of the death of good friend Joe Bakes.

- (deceased) - After graduation, I spent 3 years at the U of Alabama. I left 'Bama in '66 to join the Air Force, spent the next 4 years growing up, then returned to 'Bama in '70, graduating with a BS in Education in '71. From '71 to '00, I played in sales. I retired last May to become a house husband, my wife's boy toy, and to pursue my life long passion of fishing. I've been married for 27 years to my wonderful wife, Karen, and we have 2 sweet daughters. Our oldest, Stephanie (The Goose) is 24, graduated from BAMA with a degree in accounting. For the last 2 years she has worked here in Chattanooga as an accountant and assistant controller. My baby daughter, Stacey (The Princess), is 22, married, and is a registered nurse. For the last year she has worked in the Mother-Baby unit of a local hospital. Looking forward to grandkids, but for now I will settle for fishing 5 or 6 days a week. My favorite memories are sports and girls!

I married Walter Garrett and we recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. We both graduated from B’ham Southern. I am presently Director of Human Resources with Christian and Small Law firm, having gone back to work after the kids were older. We have 3 children: Scott is 33 and works with International Wines; Jason, a field engineer with Nextel, is 30 and with his wife Tammy, has 2 sons, Zac 3 and Hunter 9 mo. Our 3rd child, Katy, is 19 and an all-star volleyball player and presently on athletic scholarship at the U of West AL, where she will be a Jr in Sept. Walter has worked for the B’ham Park and Recreation Board for 33 years (taught school for a year) and ran Legion Field most of that time. We both are contemplating retirement, but no rash moves yet.

After graduation, I took attended Florence State College (Now U of North AL). I left after 2 years and joined the Army Reserve. I returned after 6 months training and attended Athens College, graduating in '70 with a BS in Education. I taught school for 3 years in Birmingham, then sold insurance for 2 years. Got married and returned to active duty for the Army Reserve in '76 retiring in '96 as a Master Sgt. I went back to school, attending UAB receiving a Masters Degree in Education in '99. During my active duty days I traveled all over the US, Central America and Caribbean. Now I am enjoying my retirement.

JACK BERDEAUX - I left school in '60 to join the USAF (guess it was that restless soul of mine), got my GED in '61, and worked the intelligence section in cryptographics. Upon leaving the AF, I started a photo typesetting business with a partner in TX. Later I sold my interest and moved to AZ. Completed a program in electronics and computer controls from DeVry in '72. Graduated from AZ State U in '75 with a degree in Business Administration on the GI Bill for Vietnam Era Veterans. Took a Masters in '79 and completed a doctorate in '84. While in AZ, I worked in engineering as a machine designer and as a math teacher for the Phoenix Union HS District for 6 years before moving to Alaska, where I homesteaded until '96 (a whole history of adventures in itself). Then we moved to Michigan so I could attend law school. I have worked in the legal and computer fields since. In '85, I married a wonderful person, Tammy, and we have 4 children together. 2 girls 5 and 8. 2 boys 10 and 12. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, a daughter 35, who lives in Long Island with my 2 granddaughters, and a son 33, that lives in Arizona. I remember running around with Jack Hulon, Bill and John Cantrell, Buster Patterson, Jim Roberts and too many others to list here. Playing kick-the-can with neighborhood kids, even in high school, on warm summer nights with the Holly kids, Jack Hulon, Sandra Barker, her brother and and many others. I remember dates with some of those lovely ladies at WEHS, in particular Charlcie Lively, whom I also considered a good buddy, as brief as our relationship was due to my leaving for the AF. Thanks to WE Online, we have had an email reunion, as with others, from those by-gone days. I also remember the football games, running track, Alabama – Auburn games at Legion Field and just a real care free life back then!

TERRY BICE - Just a little note about the last years since walking the "hallowed halls" of WEHS. I was in the Marines and served in Viet Nam in '66 and '67. In '69 I married Ann Snider (Phillips) and we are still married (31 years). Our daughter Jennifer graduated with a Masters Degree from U of Alabama. "Roll Tide!" I have been in sales all these years, for the last 17 years as South Reg Sales Mgr for Ridg-U-Rak, a steel storage rack manufacturer in Erie Pa. My territory includes 5 SE states so I stay on the road and in the air quite a bit.

I married a man from Pinson, AL just before completing summer school and we moved to Marietta GA. We had 3 children, LuAnn (38), Jill (36) and Emory (33), then moved to Powder Springs, GA where we lived for 15 years. Divorced in '85 and moved to Temple GA. Remarried to a wonderful man, Bill Wise, in '86. I was a stay at home mother for several years until all the kids were in school, then went to work as a church secretary for several different churches in the area, one right after the other. Have also had several other jobs. Am now working for a local insurance agency as receptionist. Bill is a retired truck driver and is now working part-time. My children have done very well. Both daughters live in Douglasville GA. LuAnn is married with 2 girls, Kristen (15) and Jennifer (12). She is a computer programmer for Coca-Cola. Jill is married with 2 girls and a boy, Vicki (14), Jamie (12) and Olivia (5). She is a stay at home mom after working as accountant for several companies. Emory is not married and lives in Houston. He is going to school while working and studying Korean to be a missionary in Korea. He has been to Singapore as a missionary and China as an English teacher. I have several hobbies such as ceramics painting and sewing, but my favorites are motorcycling and camping. I have a Yamaha V-Star 1100 and pull a trailer with all the kitchen stuff in it. Bill and I are active in the Gold Wind Road Rider's Assn, Retreads and Women on Wheels. I would love to hear from you out there and find out what you are doing now.

William H. 'Bill' Burkett, PhD) - I served 10 years in the U.S. Coast Guard as a QM1 Quartermaster, then 10 years at sea commanding 3 off-shore seismic ships for Teledyne Exploration. That was followed by several years as a Minister of Music in Houston, Tx. area churches. I eventually earned my B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD in Computer Science. I have been a Professor and Department Head of Computer Sciences for Capella University in Minneapolis for a number of years. I am currently semi-retired from Capella, only teaching 6 courses now. I am also an International Chair for ABET Computer Science Accreditation. I have visited over 30+ islands and 35+ countries between leisure and business trips. I love to travel! I am currently headed to Saudi Arabia this December. We live in S. Florida and spend a portion of the summer traveling in our RV. I would love to hear from you on Facebook, if you have the time. I still sing and play a bunch of instruments at church functions.

(deceased, twin brother Bob also deceased) - I Joined the USN after graduation. My wife, Judith, and I have 3 children. Daughter Terri is a CO in our new prison here. Daughter Tracey is assistant to the dean of Eastern Arizona Community College. A son, Eric. Another son, Brian, was killed by a train when he was 12. No grandchildren, but twin nephews and a niece we consider as close as grandchildren. I work for SparTec, a plastic company. I have lived in Ohio for 27 years and would like to hear from classmates of WEHS. I had a twin brother, Robert Carter, who passed away. My 2 sisters, Warrene and Susan, also Graduated from WEHS. My nick name was "pinky" because my mom washed my football uniform and turned it pink!

Currently living in Omaha, NE. I am an Associate Professor and teach in the Physical Therapy Program at Creighton U.

Married a girl from Ensley (forgive me). Have 2 sons. Attended tech school after graduation, ending with 2 year degree in Industrial Electronics. Employed with SCI in Huntsville, then with UAB in Clinical Pathology for 5 years, where I taught basic electronics to the med tech students. Also did repairs on the lab equipment and set up courses for the Clinical Pathology interns and lab directors. Went from there to USS/USX in Fairfield, where I have been for 29 years. After reliving all this, I should feel old, but I don’t. It’s fun to think back!

Graduated St. Vincent School of Nursing in '67. Married high school sweetheart Lee Stricklin in '64. We spent '65-'66 in Germany compliments of the US Army. We moved to Hoover in '77 where we presently live. I returned to college for a BS degree in Allied Health (Healthcare Admin). Have been employed at Medical Center East since '82 as Dir of Quality Review programs. Lee received his BS in Criminal Justice and retired from the Hoover Police Dept as Lt Commander of Technical Services in '00. We have 2 daughters, Kerrie and Kim, both are married. We have a 5 year old granddaughter (Kerrie's) and a new grandson (Kim's). Both live close by. I have been a career mom since nursing school and am looking forward to retiring in a few years and doing NOTHING of any significance.

So many great memories of growing up in West End. Those were "Happy Days". After WEHS graduation preparing to attend University of Alabama, married Lanny Gardner. Attended Jefferson State Jr College for awhile. Being a high achiever much credit to the wonderful WEHS teachers. Thank God, my Mom made me take steno and typing. Worked as Alabama Gas secretary and after 6 years had a son, Brent. In 1970, moved to Montgomery and 17 months later had a daughter, Wendy. Again, being a high achiever, accepted a position with IBM Corp in Montgomery. Taking a leave of absence after 5 yrs to follow Lanny as he climbed the corporate ladder. In 1977, we moved to Salina, KS... a tiny speck of a town that I felt was the end of the world. The old saying..."Bloom where you are planted". We jumped right into community volunteering, hospital, church, grade school, Brownies, Den Mother, Community Theatre, golf, tennis to name a few. Becoming very active in the community, we made wonderful lifetime friends. Then opportunity called Lanny and we relocated to Wichita, KS where we had a great life raising our children in small town America. I returned to IBM Corp. in Wichita and retired with 28 yrs (Corp downsizing). This gave me an opportunity to do what I had always wanted to do. Operated my own interior design and furniture business becoming my 24/7 for the next 12 years. After 9/11, moved to Dallas, TX to be near grandchildren. All the plans of moving to Destin was not God's plan. We have a home in Corinth, Texas just north of Dallas near Lake Lewisville where we enjoy boating. We have been blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren (boy and girl). My son still lives in Wichita and my daughter, is RN in Dallas so I help with grand kids a lot. The reunion times were always at peak business times but hope to attend in future. Thank you for all the work you guys have put into this web site. Thank you for all the memories!!

I worked at the Jefferson Co Health Dept from '63-'94 and retired to draw my pension. Since that time, I have done some temporary work at the Birmingham Museum of Art during the Chinese exhibit. I have lived in Birmingham all my life and have worked for a real estate management company, engineers, construction consultants and now 2 days a week with a landscape architect. I have a booth of collectibles and stuff at Gardendale Antique and Flea Mall (stop by if you are in the area). I volunteer at The Children's Hospital, Children's Harbor Family Center and Birmingham Museum of Art. My brother, Charles Theim, WEHS '51, was in the USAF 4 years and graduated from the U of Alabama in '60. He has 3 daughters and six grandchildren. The triplets will be 7 this year. The other three are 11, 4 and 11 months. They are the joy of our lives. Even though I am their aunt/great aunt, they consider me their second mom some of the time and I love it. I also enjoy keeping up with West End classmates!

ELIZABETH FREEMAN - John and I have been married 35 years in Aug. We have 2 married children. Mark is 31 and Heather is 29. Heather is married to Brad Durham, 4 years this June. They haven't given us grandchildren yet - John and I are ready, however, to be grandparents!! Mark and Nikki married this past Dec and just moved into their new home. John is Vice President of Engineering at American Cast Iron Pipe and I have an Interior Design Company, Liz Woods Interiors.

Married to Jenny Ethridge, ’63 class. Retired from the USAF in '88 in Ft Walton Beach FL and have worked for various companies in this area since. Now with Motorola as a computer network administrator.

BART FUNDERBURG - Married Mary Jo, Hueytown '65. Have 2 daughters, Andrea and Amy, and 2 granddaughters. Taught math at West End for a year, Phillips for 3 years, Pleasant Grove for 24 years with various jobs since retiring at United Labs, Thrifty Car Rental and Fisher Scientific.

I married Jo Ann Beckman while in college. We recently celebrated our 35th Wedding anniversary. Jo Ann and I both graduated from B’ham-Southern. We have 3 children: Scott is 33 and works with International Wines; Jason, a field engineer for Nextel, is 30 and with his wife Tammy, has 2 sons,-Zac 3 and Hunter 9 mo. Our 3rd child, Katy, is 19 and an all-star volleyball player and presently on athletic scholarship at the U of West AL, where she will be a Jr in Sept. I have worked for the B’ham Park and Recreation Board for 33 years (taught school for a year) and have run Legion Field most of that time. Jo Ann is Dir of Human Resources with Christian and Small Law Firm. We both are contemplating retirement, but no rash moves yet.

I'm married to David Cook and we have a daughter, Jill. Many of you will remember Juanita Culberson, our former classmate. The day of graduation, her family moved to Portland OR. David and I went to Portland and visited her March 2001. We all had a great time! Just a note: Coach Billy Mitchell has become Dr William Mitchell, a noted educator and author. He was co-author of a Bantam book published in 1985, "The Power of Positive Students." At the time the book was written, he was Supt of Schools in Allegany County MD. He has come back here to speak of his POPS program. 3 things I still find funny today were indirectly involved with science. 1) Watching Mr Merchant rolling the skeleton from classroom to classroom always made me smile. 2) I was in Coach Mitchell's class one day when he asked, "Have any of you ever been shocked when you slid across the seat of the car?" Hands shot up all over the class. He said, "Stay on your side of the car!" 3) I believe I was in a history class when some science students came in to share with us some fried grasshoppers and chocolate covered ants from a deli. 3 in our class tried them. A short time later, all 3 jumped up holding their mouths and ran out of the room!

I was supposed to graduate in 1963, but English held be back my senior year. Went to Glenn at night and finished up 6 month before the 1964 class. Went to work and attended Howard University, but I was already in the Naval Reserve so went the Vietnam mess started I was called to active duty. Attended Medical Corpsman Training (several ) and was sent to sea, home ported in San Diego, Ca. After discharge attended UAB for X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine Training. Birmingham Southern for Computer Science, currently working for Baptist Health System in their I/S Division. Married to Sheila , I have 3 sons.

CAROL HODGES - Before graduating, I started working for the telephone company in Birmingham. I worked there for 28 years and retired in 1991. Since my husband, George Starcher, retired in 1994 from the same company we have been able to travel and enjoy lots of leisure time. We have no children, but George has a son from a former marriage and we have a daughter-in-law and 2 granddogs. A couple of highlights from our travels have been cruises to the South Pacific and Alaska. In 2004 we purchased a motor home and traveled out west. In 2005 we started spending the winters in Yuma, Arizona. In 2010 we put our townhouse in Birmingham up for sale. In 2011 we put a house on the lot we had purchased in Yuma. Our house in Birmingham also sold in We are now permanent residents of Yuma. I have enjoyed the reunions I have attended. I am disappointed that we have been unable to locate one of my best friends from school, Ann Gary. Hopefully one of the days we will get lucky.

ANNETTE JACKSON - Graduated from Judson College. Taught HS English in Ohio, then spent 5 years in KY completing a Master's degree. Have been in GA since '73. Now live in Atlanta. Married in '76 and have 1 son, Harold, who is about to graduate and head to NYC to seek fame and fortune in the film industry. I have more than 30 years experience in the field of aging, currently working for the State of GA doing research for new funding, write grants and work on quality teams, etc. I started WEHS in the 10th grade and remember that several key friendships were made in the transfer students' home room that year. Fun teacher memories are of Ms "Rooten Tooten" Wooten reading "Bells, Bells ...." and of Mr/Ms Baughm for Chemistry/History respectively. Also had special fondness for Ms Sophia Davis, the choral teacher, who died of cancer during my HS days.

2019 - First of all a special shout out to Cliff for putting this site together and his efforts in keeping us connected. This is a real gift, thanks Cliff. Visiting the web site is a trip down memory lane. After high school graduation, I did not marry an Alabama fella, even though he has since been converted to sweet tea, turnip greens, grits and cornbread. My sweet husband, Ron Simmons is from Illinois. Initially we were military and then worked for the Federal Government. Between college, a couple of grad schools for each of us, the military and our jobs, we moved often and lived in many different places. All of these experiences suited us just fine. We love being steeped in new places, cultures and people. Our last state of residence was Virginia; we lived and worked in the DC metro area, for a number of years. We have three children two boys and one girl. The oldest son we left in Florida with our last transfer. He married a Florida girl and settled there to raise his family. My second oldest also a son settled in Leesburg, VA with his wife and children. They were close to Ron and I at the time since we were in Manassas, VA. Social Service has been my career both within and outside of the United States. While we were in Virginia, I worked for the state as an administrator in the Foster Care and Adoption area. My husband continued his career in aviation research in Washington, DC. We made the decision to take early retirement from the stress of both of our jobs and our long traffic laden commutes. This created the problem of defining what we wanted in retirement so we could select where to plant ourselves. We knew wanted to stay close to at least some of our grandchildren but needed desperately to get out of the crazy traffic in the DC Metro area. During this time of reflection, my daughter, our youngest, moved to Chester County, PA with her family due to work. Our initial search began in Maryland, Delaware and southern Pennsylvania. We spent a number of weekends exploring each area. We knew we wanted to have seasons, all four of them. We also wanted small town living as well as a bit of land. We found our current home with about nine acres and fell in love. Our home is 5 miles from the Mason Dixon line so my southern roots find that tolerable. It is a lovely area. We live in the village of Glenville and have a post office and convenience store but no red light; yes indeed it totally fits the small town living criteria. The closest town is Hanover (snack capital of the world) but get to Gettysburg area often since it is only 35 minutes away. As part of our twenty year plan, we decided to spend our retirement learning how to take care of an orchard. We put in some trees, low and behold they all lived and the rest is history, we are learning how to take care of a small orchard. Of course this state as well as this part of the country is so steeped in history frequent exploratory trips occur for us since we are also big history buffs. Family is a big thing, who knew being grandparents was such pure joy. Our journey has been full of all the ups and downs everyone experiences but filled with precious memories and so much fun. We are active, happy, healthy and very blessed.

I have great memories of walking the halls with Abba Dabba and was greatly influenced by Ms Castleberry and Ms Gaillard. After graduation I went to Samford. In “65, Ron Duncan and I married and left for U of TN, then LSU. Ron joined the F.B.I. and we soon settled outside Washington, DC for 20 years. Raising 2 boys was a full time blessing for me and included scouts, sports, church… well, you know! I made time for my art which sold enough to keep me motivated. Eventually, I worked as church secretary (thanks to Ms Snell) for several churches. In ’92, we “retired” to Tucson, AZ and entered yet another phase of life: the boys’ college graduations, their marriages, careers, moves, and (the best!) the arrival of grandchildren. In ‘95, I completed my college degree in Counseling Psychology and worked in social work for several years. Ron’s continued work in various positions in Tucson has funded our travels to foreign lands and cross-country jaunts to be with our grandkids. Kirk’s family is in Raleigh, NC where he is Director of Project Management for CB Richard Ellis. Alec is 12 and Miranda is 8. Keith and his family live a mile from us in Tucson where he is a Real Estate Broker. Matthew is 8 and Madison is 6.

Attended Ida Moffett School of Nursing in Birmingham for 2 years. Married John Key in '65. John was a Lt. in USAF stationed in Biloxi MS. He left the AF to pursue a career in engineering. He graduated from Auburn in '62 prior to entering USAF. We went to Atlanta with Shell Oil, then to Carolinas. I finished nursing school, graduated from Presbyterian Hosp School of Nursing in '76 and went to work in ICU/CCU, my specialty, for the next 30 years. We moved to Chicago in 77 and shoveled a lot of snow for 13 years. Then to Houston for 8 years (a nurse can always get a job). John took early retirement and we located nearer family, a first in over 30 years. We chose Gadsden near Noccalula Falls. Have lived in big cities with high cost of living all these years, so this is quiet small town USA. and we can pursue our love of canoeing, hiking, fishing and go to recreation and family within a few hours. We volunteer a lot, do church, became certified master gardeners for AL (the one thing I wanted to do). John drags me along on the rest! I saved the best for last. Our daughter Lisa and husband Ron and granddaughters Rayna 6 and Tori 4 moved to Gadsden 2 years ago and bought a house 3 blocks from us. We spend lots of time teaching, playing and loving these little girls! Lisa teaches Spanish at Emma Sansom HS and is pursuing her Masters at UA extension in Gadsden. Ron works for Phillips Electric. I maintain an active nurses license, go to seminars for continuing ed and hang out at Little River or our home garden. John and I are healthy and have had 35 years together.

After graduation, I attended Massey Business College graduating with the secretarial award. I married Ron Kelton in '65. I was a stay at home mom and loved every bit of it. We have 2 children and 5 grandchildren with another on the way. We raised our family in Pleasant Grove AL. We attended Cottage Hill Baptist Church where I taught 4 year olds in Sunday School for about 20 years. We now live in Moundville AL. We built a home next door to my parents. I am now the secretary at Moundville Baptist Church. I have been active in Girl Scouts for years and years.

JUDY McDONALD - Upon graduation I attended U of Montevallo and graduated with a Business degree. I later went to UAB and completed work on a degree in accounting. I worked for the Jefferson Co Health Dept as a statistician until '75. By that time I had married and my husband's job took us to Florence AL area and then Chattanooga TN. After we divorced, I stayed on and consider Chattanooga my home. In '87 I passed the CPA exam and now am a Tax Supervisor with TN Dept of Revenue. We have a new home on Signal Mountain that has been under construction for the past year and a half. I have served as my own contractor so it has been quite an experience. I remember taking a bookkeeping class under Ms Shell and how that started my interest in accounting. When I went to college I began in secretarial science, but discovered early on that accounting was the field I wanted and I credit my experience in Ms Shell's class for this. At the time I made the change (I might add much to the disapproval of my counselor) to a business major there was one other female in the business program. My, how times have changed!

After graduation I attended MS State where I graduated in '69 and was promptly drafted. I was sent to Viet Nam as an MP, where I'm sure I set records as the Army's worst MP. After that, I got my Master's Degree at U of New Orleans and got married. I worked at U of Southern MS from '75-'79. My twin daughters Megan and Jessica were born there. In '79 we moved to Richmond KY where I've been a TV Producer at Eastern KY Univ until the present time. It's interesting work. I work on a lot of law enforcement, juvenile justice and corrections grants for the University producing video tapes, satellite teleconferences and CD-ROM's. My daughters are 22, living in Chicago. I'm now single.

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