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Updated 01/23/2024


In mid 2000, I joined Classmates.com to locate some of my old high school friends. Shortly thereafter, I polled all listed classmates regarding their interest in a 40th reunion and was answered with a resounding yes. In her email, Kay Tyler mentioned that she organized the Birmingham 'Magic City Boppers' dance club, so I asked if she would help with a class reunion to be held in 2001. Kay accepted and the rest is history. We decided that a website would be the easiest way to keep classmates informed about reunion plans. I uploaded two pages and West End Online went live on February 25, 2001. As word spread, I began to receive many emails and photos, so I added feature pages and began posting photos.  By week 28, we had over 20,000 site visits. Since 2001, we have held 4 class reunions and 5 class picnics.

WEO went live in February 2001, twenty-two years ago. In 2004, the Classmates.com marketing director informed us that WEO was the largest dedicated school reunion website site they had seen and was surely the largest in the world. WEO has since more than doubled, so the same likely holds true today. - Cliff Walker


West End Online was built in 2001 using Microsoft Frontpage, which was introduced before the advent of smartphones and tablets. Frontpage coding enables pages to render properly on desktop monitors and laptop computers. However, if you browse WEO on a smart phone or tablet, you may need to scroll to enlarge text and photos for viewing (not ideal, but it suffices). To correct this, I would have to rebuild WEO from scratch using more current software. Needless to say, with over 400 pages, this would be a daunting task.


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So that your classmate friends can reach you, be sure to let us know if your email or changes (or phone number, if you don't have email). If you prefer to have your contact information removed, let me know and I will delete it within a few days.

West End Online has only one purpose, which is to bring WEHS classmates together and to promote reunion events. We will not share your information, but we cannot prevent site visitors from copying information, photos or email addresses. West End Online is wholly owned and operated by me and has no outside affiliations whatsoever. - Cliff Walker - Class of '61


Please do not email or forward jokes, stories, virus warnings, etc. If you typically forward to everyone in your address book, please remove our email address, then come to this site and email from here. We also request that you not "reply to all" to our emails or use information at West End Online for any purpose outside of the intent of this web site.

Cliff Walker - Summer, 2021

Please feel free to email, mail or call me if you need help with West End Online, have suggestions, comments or to chat about whatever is on your mind.

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Address:  If you have something you want to mail me, please email or call for my home address.

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                    Cliff Walker - Class of '61


Updated  01/23/24     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here


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