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1961 Classmate Bios - Page 2
Most bios were posted in 2001-2003. Send us your updates.
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RICK DOUGHTY - Finished Wheaton College in '65 and Columbia Seminary in '68, where I met my wife Anne, who grew up in Charlotte. We have 2 children, David and Beth. From '68-'95 I served churches in the Greenville SC area. In '95 (after our nest emptied) we moved to E. TN where I taught in a Christian school for 6 years. Right now I am pastoring Christ Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church in Sevierville. We are in the heart of the Gatlinburg - Dollywood tourist area, so give us a call if you are nearby. Oh, I wear glasses, have some weight around the middle, but I still have my hair. I like to hike and occasionally indulge in recreational sarcasm. Peace be with ya'll!

In '63, I married Robert Everett. We live on a small lake in McCalla AL. I have worked in finance over 30 years. I am now employed with a major coal company in the Birmingham area and plan to retire in a couple of years. Rob and I were blessed with 2 children and five "Grands." My son is a pastor in McCalla and has 3 children. My daughter lives in the Logan Martin Lake area a and has 2 children. I have enjoyed all the info furnished on classmates, as well as memories of our times! When I think back on our school years - we were so blessed to grow up in a time when we could enjoy the simple things in life and they were truly "Happy Days."

- (deceased) - One of you signed my ’61 Resume with “May your life have just enough thorns to make you appreciate the roses.” Pretty prophetic, as it turned out. My husband and I met in a church on Capitol Hill in DC. David worked in the White House (East Wing, not West) and I worked for a Congressman from AL. Don’t tell us there’s no such thing as love-at-first-sight, because we were smitten! In addition to his other sterling qualities, we share the same crazy sense of humor. A year after we married, we moved to Atlanta and have been here 34 years. David, from Atlanta, grew up in an area called West End and the legend goes that he left home only long enough to find me and bring me back. Our 2 delightful daughters live nearby with their families. Andrea (BS/MBA, N GA College), married to Tom (BS, UGA), is a college instructor; and Kathie (BA, Samford) married to Brad (BS, Samford), does free-lance journalism. My daughters co-authored a children’s book which is set for publication this summer. They each have 2 daughters: Kaitlin and Susannah; Olivia and Baby Ava - 4 roses! 3 years ago, however, we hit a thorn. I was diagnosed with a cancer that had spread and the prognosis was grim. David, who owns and operates a sports marketing company, put his career on hold to help me do battle. For almost a year, the doctors blasted away with every weapon in their arsenal, culminating in a month-long stay in a hospital isolation unit in NC with my only visitors being the doctors, nurses and David. What a picture - all of us wearing masks and one of us very bald. Thanks to lots of love and some powerful prayers, I’m doing great. David wanted me to tell you that, through the good times and bad, our love song has never changed - “Still Crazy After All These Years.” My favorite memory is the night Mike Carlisle mooned the audience during a Shakespearean play. I was Titania, Queen-of-the-Fairies, trying to seduce Michael who played Bottom, a drunken tinker (wait, it gets better). Michael was wearing a 20-pound donkey head, which could account for the less-than-graceful way he landed bottoms up in the flowery bed. It caused his tunic to flip up, revealing bright red swim trunks beneath and that brought the house down, stopping the show in its tracks! There might even have been a standing ovation; you’ll have to ask somebody else for details because the Fairy Queen and the Donkey spent their 15 minutes of fame lying there clueless until finally somebody walked onstage and pulled his skirt down!

Shortly after graduation I married a former WEHS grad and we moved to Auburn where I earned my PHT degree (Put Hubby Through). I was secretary to the dean of the Graduate School. After graduation we moved to Hoover. We have 3 sons, Bob, Daniel and Philip. For my 25th wedding anniversary, I was given a membership in the First Wives Club. I spent the next years putting my sons through school. The times we had together, good and bad inspired me to write a cookbook, "Gail's Kitchen. Sprinkled throughout the book of receipts are funny episodes that happened in my kitchen throughout the years of rearing 3 sons alone; from the birth of kittens to making numchucks out of my mop handle. I have worked for 20 years as a manufacturer's rep in a lighting agency in Birmingham. It's rewarding to drive throughout the state and see projects that I have played a small part in lighting. Daniel married Crystal and they have given me 2 precious grandchildren, Robert 11 and Hannah 2. Philip married Stacey this past June. I am blessed with 2 wonderful daughters-in-law. They are the daughters I never had. I lived in Hoover until last year when I moved to Calera and now live on a small lake that allows me to fish every day. When I'm not fishing, I'm working in my flowers or paddling around the lake in my boat with my black lab, Butch. Life is good. I remember going to a Y-Teen party at the Y and seeing Miss Rakestraw in a swimsuit (I do have pictures if anyone is interested), a Wacomba party at Camp Cosby, Saturday morning come-as-you-are parties, blue gym suites and dancing to Sixteen Candles!

Attended UAB, Anderson College, Clemson, GA St. Graduated from none! Managed commercial real estate in Atlanta 28 years. Now live in Warner Robins GA and work in Atlanta 3 days a week managing a friend's cooking school and catering co. Happily married 37 years to George Richardson, Shades Valley '59, U of Alabama Engineering Grad, Civilian Eng w/USAF. 2 great kids: Brad 33, GA Tech grad, still single but getting closer to "jumping the broom", successful sales engineer for Alcatel in Austin TX; Lara 28, lives in Canton GA, getting married July we think. She was original runaway bride in '99. U of Montevallo, Kennesaw, GA State, Dekalb, still working on her degree. I spend as much time as possible at condo in Gulf Shores, working out at gym, yoga classes, reading, pestering George. Looking forward to chasing grandchildren.
UPDATE 2005: I dropped from sight after the 1st great reunion but after 39 happy years of marriage, I lost my husband after a year long battle with cancer. In a very short period of time I moved back to Atlanta, was blessed with two grandsons, lost another grandson born with severe birth defects, started building a custom house from scratch, then had an auto accident which tore up my left leg. Just moved into my great new "Grandma" house in the N. GA town of Ball Ground to be near my daughter and her family. In between visits to Austin, TX to see my son and his family, I hope to see a lot more of my West End friends. I limp a little but I'm making a comeback!

MIKE FAIR - I only attended WEHS the Fall of my Senior year. I am still in touch with Mike Armstrong and I dated Becky Lisk some the year after our class graduated. I've spent most of my life in Oklahoma City in business and Politics. I'm an Oklahoma State Senator. It took years but I finally earned my BS degree. My first wife was from Ramsey High in Birmingham. I was down last summer and the area of WEHS has sure changed. The kids at WEHS were great to me and I treasure the limited part of my life's experience which belongs to you.

I married Don Walker in '64. He was in the USAF at the time and we immediately went to his new assignment at Vandenberg AFB, CA where our daughter Donna was born. From there we went to Clark AFB, Philippines, where our son Donnie was born. Then to Tyndall AFB, FL and to Barksdale AFB, LA where our youngest daughter Stacey was born. We spent our final 6 years in the USAF at Gunter AFS in Montgomery where we have lived since. Don retired in April '10. We really enjoy going on cruises, the beach, and other trips.  My favorite pastimes are traveling with Don and spending time with my family and eight precious grandchildren - Shayne, Harris Anne, David, Hudson, Jack, Pearson, Cooper, and RaeAnn. Some of my close friends were Mary Jo Melcher, Missy Montgomery, Dixie Dyer, Kay Foy.  We had some great times at Robert E. Lee grammar school until graduation from WEHS. My favorite teacher was Ms Gretchen Jones, who taught typing.

I married Walter Barnes and we have 6 children, 11 grandchildren. I raised my family (a son, Michael Moebes, now a restaurant owner and chef in Sydney Australia, and a daughter, Mindi Guthrie, who married the "Guthrie Chicken Restaurant" folks) in Decatur AL and moved back to Birmingham in '89. I am a Church Growth Consultant and have had the opportunity to work with 300+ churches all across our nation in the area of "Outreach" and "Church Growth". It has been a very rewarding and fulfilling career. Walt and I love to travel and are planning a sailing trip to Croatia and Italy the end of this summer. We have a lake house in Guntersville and if anyone is ever up our way give us a call...we are in the phone book. We are in Birmingham Sun through Wed and then head to the lake!

Married to Bill Robinson a year after graduation, now going on 39 years. We have 2 children. Brett 34, unmarried, teaches T38 instructors for the USAF (any eligible daughters out there?) Leigh Ann 32, is married with our only grandchild, Lindsey Marie, age 1. I'll show her picture to anyone who asks! I met Bill through his cousin, Sandra Gaught Karr, WEHS '61, over a sandwich at her house while attending WEHS. We've lived in Memphis, Atlanta and Huntsville where Bill was an Air Traffic Controller. He is now working in LA Center, near Lancaster, as a rehire from the strike of '81. I wouldn't have believed it if anyone had told me that we would live in LA County CA, but here we are. For the first time since my kids were babies, I am a bum! Had my own wallpaper hanging business for 20 years, but after double knee surgery last Aug, hung up my tools! I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, walking the dog, singing in a group called Sweet Adelines and volunteer work. Of course, I go to AL as often as possible to see my grandbaby. I am really looking forward to seeing all my OLD friends (guess we can't hide our age from each other, huh?) I wonder how many diets are already happening.

After WEHS, I worked part-time for JC Penney at Five Points West. I secured a full-time job with Sears in Ensley in '62. I stayed there for 16 years and traveled to most of the Sears stores in Birmingham. I was a dept and security mgr at Century Plaza where I retired from in '96 with a total of 35 years of service. I married Barbara Barker in '63 and we have 3 children. Jimmy lll, Jeffrey and Lori. All graduated from college and are gainfully employed. Lori was a cheerleader at UAB and later became a sponsor. She is a school teacher in the Moody system and JV cheerleading sponsor for Moody HS. Jimmy is a human resource mgr with Delta Airlines in Huntsville and lives in Hartselle (2 boys). Jeff is a communications specialist with Purcell Ind in Birmingham (2 girls). He is a whiz with computers. My wonderful wife retired but has a 19 hour part-time job with a bank in Odenville. We live in Branchville and I cut 6 acres of grass! Life is good. We are cruising the Hawaiian Islands in May next year. Where are all the Central Park grads? Remember the rivalry with Ensley High School?

I have been married to a very wonderful and understanding woman, named Gale since 1964. We have 2 children, Michele (36), Lance (40). I worked at a new car dealership for 28 years and retired June of 2005. I am very much enjoying being a lady of leisure. Oh, one other thing, on March of this year I had Gender Reassignment Surgery and am finally what I should have been since birth. I fought these feelings all my life and finally 3 years ago gave in to them. Gale, now my companion, wonderful as she is, is still living with me. We are relatively happy with the situation. We live in Harvest, AL just north of Huntsville. I look forward, with enthusiasm, and admittedly, some apprehension, to our next reunion. I hope my friends understand that I have done this for my own peace of mind and am now a happy woman.

After graduating, I attended Ringling School of Art in Sarasota FL. I have lived in Birmingham most of my life with the exception of 4 years in Louisville KY. I married Marlon Walker and had 1 daughter, Marcia. Unfortunately that marriage lasted only 5 years. I later met and married Gil Pearsall, a NY native and VP of a local bank and we moved to Blount Co. with 40 acres. Gil was killed in a car wreck in '95 and I have bee single since. After art school, I worked for Pizitz in the Ad department doing layout and fashion illustration. I later went to work for Long's Electronics as Art Director. In 1983, I opened Total Graphics in Southside. We design and produce brochures, catalogs, magazines, logos, etc. (thank you Ms. Skinner for your encouragement). My daughter, Marcia, works for a local law firm and has 2 boys who are the light of my life. Some of my special memories are the trips to Panama City and the banquets and lead-outs as a member of the Whirlers Club.

SALLY GARY - (deceased) - I live in Prattville, have 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren, a boy 8 and twin girls 4. They are why I moved from Orlando back to Prattville. I have had two husbands; the first an artist and the second a musician. Guess I picked the wrong professional field. I am retired, but work part-time at our local cooperative extension office. For 4 years I lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany while my husband played with the USAF Band. It was a wonderful experience. My hobbies are crafts, knitting and, if I have to, yard work. Hope to see you soon!

(deceased) - I married Fred Karr, Bessemer, in '61 and we just celebrated our 40th anniversary. How he has put up with me 40 years only God knows and our friends can attest to that. Fred has made a career in the plastics industry and was transferred to Dallas in '70. We left Birmingham on my birthday and I cried all the way to Dallas. I was the one person that didn't want to leave Birmingham and have never let Fred forget it. I must have spent a fortune calling my folks and making Southwestern Bell rich. Both of my parents have passed away now so I am glad that I made all of those phone calls. We were blessed with a daughter in '67 (Kristi Leigh). She married Jeffrey Davidson from Chicago in '99 and thank goodness she stayed in Dallas. They live 45 min away so we see each other quite often and talk everyday. e have 2 wonderful granddogs, Bentley and Shelby and Grammy always brings toys and treats when she visits. We have lived in Dallas, Houston, Seattle and now Dallas again. I have made a career of homemaking and my hobbies are shopping, gardening, reading and traveling. UPDATE -
Well, I can truly say you are never too old to become a grandparent. How can anything be so wonderful and you are still be earth bound? I do believe a bit of heaven came down on August 18, 2006, at 12:13 am when a beautiful baby girl named Kaitlyn came into our lives. I had forgotten about staying up all night, changing diapers, feeding and burping a baby. But it does bring back wonderful old memories of my own sweet daughter Kristi from 38 years ago. My heart can hardly hold all the love I feel for this beautiful blessing that God sent into our later years. I am truly thankful for a grandbaby I didn’t even believe I would ever have. God bless all the grandchildren and grandparents – what wonderful times and adventures lie ahead. I hope we can keep up. (See our new photo at Friends Now).

- (deceased) - After WEHS, I joined the U.S. Marines in July '61. In '62, after helicopter and crewchief/gunner school, I left for SE Asia. Over the next 7 years I made 2 more trips to Viet Nam. I spent 22 years in the Marines, retiring in 1982 as a Master Gunnery Sgt. In '65, between tours overseas, I met my wife Alice and we will celebrate our 40th anniversary in this year. We have 2 children. Melissa works for Relizon Corp at Ohio State Univ and Wayne Jr. is a Federal Marshall stationed in Lompoc, CA. We have 4 grandchildren, but we don't get to visit with them much as they are in the midwest and southern California. I graduated VA Tech in '82 with a BS in Aerospace Engineering, then I worked for the Naval Air Systems Command until retiring from Government service in '97. The highlight of this career was working at the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake, California as the Chief Flight Test Engineer on the Harrier II aircraft weapons platform. Now I am a Deputy Sheriff for Douglas County Oregon. After the academy, I worked full-time as a Patrol Deputy and also as prisoner transport and extradition. Let me be the first to tell you that getting these 54 year old bones moving at the 1997 academy was one huge chore. I will plan to attend the next reunion. I would like to hear from any of my old classmates. I just recently started corresponding with some of my close WEHS friends; Ronnie Bryan, Ronnie Stubbs, Allwyn Horne, Randall Mitchell, Diane Reid, and more. I returned to Birmingham in 2003 to be with my Brother Deryl during his cancer operation. I had a brief few days to see some of the old sights and the memories started to flow. I am happy to report Deryl is still cancer free and I am planning some time back there and hope to see a bunch of you folks! I fondly remember Ms Ezell and Ms Hilleke. I remember the dead chickens episode and Ms Ezell's Investigative Team. I also remember that one of the lockers by the cafeteria had shrimp or fish or something inside. All I know is it had a memorable smell, whatever it was.

I am a 57 year old retired, divorced, happy menopausal, worn out grandmother. I have 2 wonderful children, David Edwin Cavaleria, Richelle Cavaleri Rosato and a son-in-law, Leon Rosato, Jr. I have 2 precious grandchildren, Leon III, 5, and Katelyn Marie, 2. I am a aspiring Christian inspirational writer of true stories and am working on a new book called "Ain't Life Funny" which is about several eccentric, funny menopausal southern women. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. It's going to be a great comedy. Writing this book has been an experience since I can't spell and am probably dyslexic like Fanny Flagg, a fellow author. I have been retired from the Social Security Admin since '90 and have spent a great deal of time helping my daughter with Leon III, who was born very prematurely and is truly a miracle child. He has CP and requires a great amount of time and attention. He is now able to walk with the aid of someone's hand. This in itself is a feat for him. I have been spending my days writing, reading, counseling friends and with prayer chains for those who need extra help from a higher authority.

I have one grown son who lives in TX with my 2 grandsons, Zack 16 and Zane 13. My wife and I have been married for 22 years. I have been employed with the US Postal Service as a rural letter carrier for 14 years. I am an ordained minister and have recently formed an interdenominational church. I have not been in touch with any classmates for some time, though I have run into Lewis Womble, who at last contact was a Captain with the Birmingham Fire Department.

RICHARD HAND - Joined USAF in ‘61. Graduated FSU in ’66. Commissioned 2LT. Tour in London. Tour in SEA. Flew Fighters most of career (F4's and F15's). Retired in '90 (Colonel). Owned Private Detective Firm in Montgomery for 5 years. 10 years teaching for Troy State U - Graduate Faculty. MPA Troy State ’77. MBA Michigan ’79, DPA U of Alabama, ’88. Still married to Judy (Graham), 4 Boys, 30 Grandchildren. I remember Coach Short trying to teach me to kick extra points and field goals. Miss Ezell suspending me for 2 days because I cut classes. Ronnie McBride jumping out of my car one night because the police were chasing us. I guess I must have been speeding. They did not catch us! UPDATE: On 5 May 2012, Judy and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. We currently have 31 grand children and one great grand child.

(deceased) - I was married for 34 years to Malcolm Smith, class of '59. I am now divorced and have 3 lovely daughters and 2 grandchildren. I've lived in CA, NC, NM and TX, but returned to AL 4 years ago to take care of my mother in Ashville. Update 2007: I have
moved back to NM, where I spent most of my married life, and where my children and grandchildren live. Now I get to see them anytime I want to, not just once every year or so!

JIM "PIERRE" HARRELL - (deceased) - After WEHS, I joined the USAF and served in Korea and SD until '66. I graduated from U of Montevallo in '74. I lived in Alabaster for 12 years where I was involved in Dixie Youth Baseball as President, VP, Commissioner and started the first girls softball in Alabaster. I was also President of the Thompson's Band Boosters for 2 years plus Master of Ceremonies for Shelby Co Junior Miss for 14 years. One of our contestants was Heather Whitestone, Miss America. I have been an Industrial Salesman for 28 years. I deal in corrosion and have my NACE certification in corrosion. I have 2 sons, one in Bangor ME and the other in Birmingham. One granddaughter, almost 2 years old. My roots will always be at West End!

MARIE HARRINGTON - After graduation I went to work for the Birmingham Police Dept as stenographer. In March '64, I married Jerry Harper from Huntsville. His job took us to LA, GA and IL. Thankfully, he has his own business now. We have settled in Carrollton, GA. It is a lovely small town and we love it. Our daughter has 1 son and lives about 20 miles from us. Our son has 2 sons and lives in CA. I do the office work for our business and spoil our grandchildren every chance I get. I'm doing a family history for the grandchildren now. It has been a challenge, but a lot of fun. It has been so nice to go down "Memory Lane". While looking through the Resumes, I noticed something that I had not realized before. When I was working for the Birmingham Police Dept, we had eight stenographers in our section. 6 of them were graduates of WEHS. Betty Ann Pair '59, Evelyn Trucks '59, Sandra Sims '60, myself from '61, Ginny Bragan '63 and Saundra Tate '63. With this information and a dollar, a person could buy a cup of coffee. The Birmingham PD must have liked the way West End teachers taught their girls!

I began collegiate study at Birmingham-Southern literally before I graduated from WEHS. I graduated from BSC with an AB degree with a major in speech and a minor in phys ed. Taught speech 1 year, speech and physical education 1 year, then physical education only for 6 years and served as chair of the girls physical education dept at Woodlawn HS. Completed my master's degree during the summers at the U of Alabama then began doctoral work during summers at FSU completing my degree in '74. Began teaching at UAB in '74 and will retire end of Aug after 27 years there. Served as interim dept chair twice and dept chair for 4 years before returning to full-time teaching. I live in Hoover with a lake home in Pell City. I plan to travel in my RV and do all the things I have put off doing while I worked. I, too, remember the book burning event. I remember the last name of "Est stulta, Harold"!

CHARLES HARTLEY - After graduation from WEHS, I earned a BA degree from Samford Univ where I met and married Barbara Ann Tyler (WEHS '64, BS-UAB). I briefly attended Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville and was pastor of a rural church in N Kentucky. We returned to Birmingham where I was employed as a Probation Officer at Family Court of Jefferson Co. I earned a MSCJ at U of Alabama. Following 30 years of service, I retired as a Division Administrator at Family Court. While working for the court, I taught Criminal Justice as Adjunct Faculty at UAB and served as pastor of several churches in the Birmingham area (for 3 years I was associate pastor at WE Baptist Church). In '94, in preparation for retirement, I began to attend a local seminary completing a Doctor of Ministries degree. Presently I am an instructor for Christian Life School of Theology. Barbara is a retired school teacher. We have 2 daughters, Lisa and Johanna, and 4 grandchildren. Barbara plays keyboard as part of the worship team at Liberty Church in Hoover, where we are members (she played the piano for the '61 class graduation exercises). We presently live in Pelham.

RAE HAUSER - I have been married and divorced, but God blessed me with a wonderful daughter, Darlene, who has given me 3 beautiful grandkids. Deanna 19, James 18 and April Joyce 10. They are the apples of my eye. My daughter is also my best friend and I treasure that relationship more than I could ever tell. I live in Adamsville, AL and love spending time with my grandkids. I work part time outside the home. My friend Bill runs a Print and Mail Business from home and we are on the net printing and typing materials to be mailed. I am a Customer Service Representative dealing with the public in various situations.
Update 2007: I have fully retired and am staying at home and taking care of my friend, Bill Moore. My first grandson had my first great grandchild and she is a doll.

Denny Carlisle and I married in '63 and just celebrated our 38th anniv. After WEHS, Denny attended Auburn and I attended Nursing School, graduated in '64 and postponed my career as an RN until after the birth of our first daughter in '65, who is also an RN and married to an attorney. They live in Atlanta and have given us 2 granddaughters. We went on to have a son (Dennis, Jr.) who is in partnership with his dad and is married with a daughter and step-son. Our 3rd child, daughter, is Reg Sales Mgr for a pathology lab and lives in Birmingham. Dennis is in Commercial and Residential construction (The Carlisle Corporation). He has been in this business since '69 and built numerous WEHS grads new homes and businesses. We see several classmates regularly as we live in N Shelby Co and there is a group of us here.

ANELLA HOLLEY - We have lived in Cahaba Heights for 27 years. My husband is Wayne King (Shades Valley) and he was stationed with the Navy in Jacksonville FL when we married in '66. Our son, Brian and his wife, Sundi, live in Austin TX and have a 3 year old son, Alex, and 1 year old daughter, Marigrace. They are our only grandchildren and although they live in TX, we see them often. We have twin sons who live in Birmingham. Kevin is single, a pilot. Keith is married, goes to Birmingham Southern and works in sales. Wayne and I like to travel and enjoy staying in Bed and Breakfast homes. We consider our sometimes spur-of-the-moment journeys an adventure and are enjoying growing old together. God has blessed us with healthy children and grandchildren and He has met all our needs. Thanks to those who have put this together for the rest of us; you have done a great job. It has been great to hear about old friends. God bless you all!

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