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1961 Classmate Bios - Page 3
Most bios were posted in 2001-2003. Send us your updates.
New postings and updates are in green.
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After graduation, I attended Howard College, graduating in '65 with a BS in Biology. Worked for almost 2 years at Baptist Medical Center Princeton, where I met my first wife. In '67, I joined the USAF and spent 4 years as an avionics officer, responsible for maintenance of the electronics working with F-102 and F-106 aircraft. I was stationed for 2 years at Clark Air Base in The Philippines and 1 year at McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma WA. After leaving the AF in '71, I returned to the Birmingham area where I went to work for a large medical laboratory. In '78, I moved to Mobile, where I worked at the U of South Alabama Medical Center. In '80, I returned to Birmingham and began working at UAB in the hospital laboratory, where I am still employed. I have 3 sons (Rick 33, John 28 and Jason 25). I had 2 marriages that ended in divorce. I have been married to my third wife, Charlotte, for 12 years and couldn't be happier. We live in Ashville AL in the middle of 33 acres of woods.

After graduation, I attended Birmingham Southern and dated Mary Beth Hanbury from '65-'69. I enlisted in the Army in '66, served in Viet Nam from '67-'68, then was stationed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I met and married a girl that worked there in '69 and came back to Birmingham after completing my service time. We divorced after 7 years. I have one son who lives in VA. I have been employed as an insurance underwriter and had my own business for a period of time. I am now retired. After being single and alone for 20 years, Mary Beth came back home to Birmingham, we reunited and married in '98. We both know that this was God's plan all along and life together now is so much better and happier than it would have been in our younger years!

I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary of marriage to Ward Watson (Ramsey '64 and U of Alabama '68). We have 2 daughters each. 2 work in Family Owned Business, 1 is an Air Force Capt and 1 is a Flower Child. 5 grandchildren, 4 precious girls and 1 ALL boy, ages 1 to 13. I have been employed with BellSouth for 30+ years and plan to retire in 18 mo. Ward is a Real-estate appraiser. The Birmingham area has been my home most of my life and we now live in Hoover. My favorite memories of the WEHS days are trips to Panama City and dancing at the "Hangout" at Long Beach Resort. FUN!!

I'm not sure anyone will remember me as I left Birmingham shortly after graduation and have not been to any reunions. The timing just never worked out for us. After a not so good first marriage in AL, my infant daughter, Tammie, and I moved to TX in '64. I met and married my wonderful husband Darwin Marsh in '66. Boy, that means this Dec we'll have been married 35 years. We added 2 more daughters to our gang and they are all great! Tammie is a single again mom raising 3 children (who just happen to be the most wonderful grandchildren ever!) We have a daughter, Sherri 30, who lives in Dallas and is a computer software specialist. Our youngest, Stacie 29, lives in Chapel Hill NC and is a veterinarian. The last 2 are still single. Just no time for marriage yet, but each have serious boyfriends so I'm crossing my fingers that more grandchildren are around the corner. Darwin and I owned and operated an outdoor advertising co in Houston until '85 when we sold out and moved to the country (Huntsville TX) and just traveled and did enough with a few remaining billboards to keep us occupied until about 3 years ago when we started building communication towers. I'm ready to sell out and be retired for good this time! We live on 360 acres with an 8 acre lake and really know how to relax! I love working in my flower and herb gardens (at least 100 different herbs) and just enjoying my kids and grandkids.

DAN KING - (deceased) - I work as an engineer for Norfolk Southern Railroad. Been there since Aug '63. Was married to Brenda Farmer for 11 years and we had 2 boys. Had Allen in '66, Chris in '71. Divorced in '75 and still single. Allen is a captain with the air guard, flying all over the country. Chris is with a consulting firm in Dallas. I enjoy fishing on the gulf with my brother and my kids.

I am a Counter Manager for Dillards/Lancome Cosmetics in Biloxi, MS. Same job for 15 years. I was married to John Parker ('62). Don't remember a lot of my classmates, but wish you'll the best life has to offer!

After reading the bios on the WE website, my life (thus far) looks depressing like most everyone's: 2 husbands, 4 kids, 3 grands, 3 advanced degrees, extra pounds and a house at the beach. I married Hank Gary, Sally's brother, went to Hollywood, made a movie, got rich and famous and found a new husband whose life as a career army officer fit in with mine - no, wait that is Patty Duke's life. OK, so I didn't go to Hollywood or make a movie. I did marry Hank, we did split, I did marry a cool army guy and I did get a PhD from the U of CA, really. Now I sit on my front deck, drinking iced tea and study wave formations of the Atlantic Ocean in Kure Beach (Hurricane Capital of the World), NC. I am working on getting a grant to pay me to do this, but until that comes through, I do it as a consultant. One of my favorite memories includes Ms Ezell, the Hallway Nazi, and her band of Hall Monitors. I, desiring the thrill of authority, was one for a short time - unfortunately it was during my watch that the great Chicken Hunt took place. Someone with a great sense of justice secretly placed dead chickens in empty lockers, then locked them. It fell to the hall monitors to go up and down the locker line, sniffing to locate the dead chicken. And the way she patrolled the halls in the morning to make sure no couples were actually touching each other as they went from class to class. I also have a very fond memory of what Barbara Cork and I did the day Coach Roy caught us talking in class and made us write 500 times "I will not talk in Coach Roy's class." and I also remember with the greatest fondness the one brief moment that Gerald Kesler allowed me to drive his motorcycle.

I graduated Auburn in '65 with a BS in Elementary Education. I lived in Birmingham for 2 years and taught 3rd grade at Lipscomb Elem (a great intro to teaching on the front steps - a large red KKK). Married in '67 to Russell (Rusty) Foxhall, also graduated Auburn. We lived in Dallas, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Hampton SC (pop 2000) and finally settled in Greer, between Greenville and Spartanburg, and have been here for 31 years. Rusty is a Staff Research Engineer for a plastics company (Mitsubishi) and we have 3 wonderful sons. Scott 30, is an asst baseball coach at the College of Charleston where he played during his college years. Chris 26, graduated from Auburn and is an internal auditor for Holder Construction in Atlanta. Joey 24, also played baseball at the College of Charleston as an undergraduate and is now a 2nd year law student at Wake Forest. I returned to teaching 14 years ago and am still in the 3rd grade. We're way behind every because there are no daughters-in-law or grandchildren, but do keep hoping. It's been great reading all the updates!

After graduation in '61, married my Ensley high school honey, Robert Glaze in '62. We have 2 daughters, Robin, 37, who has 2 beautiful daughters, 12 and 10. Other daughter is Heather, 30. Both are married living in Atlanta. We lived all over, but called Atlanta home until June '00 and then moved to paradise, Destin FL. We had been coming to the area since Panama City days (oh boy!) We owned property here for many years and decided to make it our full time home. Robert retired from corporate America in December and started his own business in Destin. He is an avid scuba diver, so we travel often. I am a mortgage broker and try to fit it in between the beach, golf and tennis, when my knees hold up!

GEORGE MEDLYN - Attended WEHS fromSept '57-Jun '59 but graduated in Jun '61 from Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon TN. Got dumped by "IDES of March" - thanks JECB. I enlisted in the US Army in June '62, met and married the most wonderful woman in the world, Jeanette (JVHS '63) in Aug '64. We have 2 sons, Michael and Robert, born in '65 and '69. In service, I was stationed with the 101st Airborne Div (Fort Campbell KY) after jump school at Fort benning, GA, then was assigned to the 508th Infantry Batallion and 8th Special Forces Group (Green Berets) at the Panama Canal. Other overseas assignments included Korea '75-'76 and West Germany '77-'80. Retired in '84 with rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) after 20 years of service. Entered Federal Civil Service in '85 as an Electronics Enginner and retired as an Information Technologist (GS11). in 04 with 21 years of service. My wife retired the same day with 25 years of Federal Civil Service. A year later, we sold our townhome and bought a home in Trussville, AL. in 07. After 50+ years away from Birmingham, it's great to be back. Until I stumbled across West End Online, I wasn't sure I would be able to locate and contact classmates. Thanks to the great work and effort put forth by Cliff, that process has been made a lot easier.

I married Harry Deffebach, Ensley '59, and will celebrate 42 years of marriage in Sept. We lived in Auburn for 11 years while Harry earned BS, MS and PhD electrical engineering degrees and produced 3 children, Memory, Jamie and Bud (III). We moved to Indialantic FL 30 years ago and I earned BS and MS and taught school (librarian) for 14 years, quitting 10 years ago. Harry retired in '96 and that lasted less than 2 years. He is retiring again this month. We enjoy our 6 grandchildren (all in FL), golfing and traveling together. Memory is a physician; Jamie a stay-at-home mom; and Bud a patent attorney. We went to Ensley '50-'59 reunion in April.
As of Harry's summer 2001 retirement, we are at our home in Highlands, NC, for half the year and winter in Indialantic, Fl., our home of 32 years. Update 2019: I’ve been very lucky in having had and having a wonderful life with a loving family. Harry and I will celebrate our 60th anniversary in September with a week trip to Nova Scotia that includes our 3 children and their spouses, all of whom live here in Florida and have been married for 32+ years. My otherwise pleasures include friends, painting and gardening. This will be our 17th summer in our Highlands, NC, home, where I enjoy golfing with Harry and friends in the mountain coolness. I have gratitude for the love, both given and received, of the people in my life, the experiences, adventures and the happiness in my life.

After WEHS, I married Jim Jordan ('56) and we moved to Auburn U. Jim completed his Engineering degree and I worked for the Auburn Athletics Dept. Our son Steve was born in the Opelika hospital. After leaving Auburn, we spent 2 years with the Army, mostly in Savannah, where Lisa was born. When she was 6 weeks old, Jim went to Okinawa where he finished his military duty. Then it was off to Mobile and here we have been for 37 years. Lisa has blessed us with 3 granddaughters, Jordan, Julia and Jana and they live 3 houses from us. Steve has blessed us with a grandson, Josh and they live in Douglasville GA. My parents moved from Birmingham to Mobile and live next door to us, so we have created a family compound, as such. I sang with the "Sweet Adelines" for 15 years and traveled the US with them. I spend 5 years teaching kindergarten, then became principal of our church school. When the children became older, I worked with a CPA firm and have been there for 24 years. I am Co-Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army Women and Children's Shelter. Jim and I are active in Springhill Baptist Church and teach a couples class. We were big into camping and have had all sorts of sleepers from tents to trailers to motor homes. It seems the older we get, the more work camping has become, so we put it on the back burner to get in a total relaxing mode. Our vacations now are by airplane and we choose only resort hotels (I don't miss camping at all). Jim is a retired Army Colonel and retired from the Corps of Engineers. I am still working with Lawrence and Lawrence CPA and have not given retirement much thought. I love working and being involved in the good things that are happening to our city. I chuckle to myself sometimes when I think of the business math class that I attended in the basement of WEHS. The pipes were exposed and the floor was dirt. Coach Short taught class and when we got bored or needed a stall tactic, we asked him something about football and that took up the rest of the class. Maybe it was his influence that makes the game of football so exciting for me now!

After WEHS, I attended Howard College for 2 years then Auburn where I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in '66. I was in the co-op program at Rust Engineering in Birmingham starting '64, went to work full time for Rust in '66 and resigned in '96. That was 31 years service in the design of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and process ventilation systems for industrial facilities. I married Lynn Fullilove in '67 and we have 4 children: Leslie 30, Brian 27, April 20 and Paul 17. Leslie and Neil have a son, Sam, 3 (Katy is due in Aug). They live in Cookeville TN. Both are pediatricians. Brian and Mechelle live in Nashville, no children and none planned. Brian aligns truck front ends and is an aspiring musician. April is a student at Montevallo. Paul will be a senior at Pinson Valley HS in Sept. For the past 5 years I have been working with GE Financial Assurance, helping people buy long term care insurance, the type that will pay for nursing home bills, assisted care facility bills and home care. Does anyone have a 1961 WEHS man’s class ring they would sell? I lost mine in '61. Please contact with details.

ROGER MOORE - (deceased) - After WEHS I graduated from Auburn with a BS in accounting. In '64, married Judy Aycock, Phillips '61. We have lived in Homewood and now Vestavia. We have 5 children, Donna, Tommy, Dana, Diane and Haley; and 7 grandchildren with 1 on the way. Much of our time is spent with them. I have owned my own CPA firm in Shelby County for 20+ years. 

After moving to Houston in '62, I attended the U of Houston. My wife's name is Piper. I've work for US Filter for 30 years selling high purity water treatment systems, mostly to the oil industries and the medical market. I have 2 daughters, Kelly and Karen from my previous marriage to Janet Veazey (class of '61). My wife and I like to travel and we do a lot of RVing and boating. Prior to my marriage to Piper, I lived on a 40 foot sailboat for about 10 years (what a life) and sailed it to places like Cosmal, Mexico and the Bahamas. I plan to retire next year, buy a bigger RV and we are going to hit the road for a few years!

ANN MORRIS - (deceased) - I married Charlie Patterson ('60) in '65 after we both finished Auburn. After 35 years of service, Charlie retired from GA Power Company in Feb'00 and we presently live in the Atlanta area. Our daughter Dana and her family live about 30 min from us and our son Alan and his wife live in Dublin, GA. I enjoy tennis, while Charlie stays active with running, swimming and biking. We both enjoy our 5 year old granddaughter. We also are busy with church and community commitments.

BOB MORRIS - Married Jill Neal, class of '62. After moving several times, Jill and I settled in St Louis in '79. We've had a wonderful life and are living proof that Auburn and AL grads can survive together. Our 2 sons, Scott and Jason live here too. Scott was in NY for 5 years and Indianapolis for 4 years before coming back here. We have 1 grandson, Robert Scott III and another grandchild on the way. We are retired; Jill from teaching at Rossman School and me from 34 years with Monsanto. We are enjoying travel and charity work as well as a lot of golf and tennis.

JULIAN MORRIS - I spent 4 years in the USAF both overseas and stateside. After getting out of the AF, I worked at various automobile dealerships throughout AL in sales management. I am now a sales mgr at a Chevy dealership in Hartselle. My wife, Ronnie, and I have 2 children and a grandchild.

JUDY MYERS - After graduation, I went to work, dated 2 guys and married both of them! Sound odd? Well, I married one in '62 and we have 2 children, Mark 38 and Leslie 35. But sadly, after 17 years, we divorced. I was working at BMC Princeton when I was surprised with a visit from my other beau. After some time, I left BMC to join him in MD where we were married in '89. We share a combined family of 4 children and 8 grandchildren. My husband, Jim, graduated from Hueytown HS and the US Naval Academy and flew Maritime Patrol Aircraft for many years, ultimately retiring near Patuxent River MD. In '93 we moved to Panama City Beach. You can't get a Navy man too far from the water! We are active in our church and we love living near the beach with our grandson Chris, our 2 Chihuahuas, 2 cats and a cockatiel. I remember with much love Central Park, the neighborhood and the elementary school; hot-fudge sundaes from Lane's Drug Store at Five Points West; Friday nights at Lowe's skating rink, Sky Castle with Tommy Charles and 2-door '57 Chevys!

I majored in Elementary Ed at Auburn University and received my masters from the University of Montevallo, teaching for 30 years in the Birmingham area. I married Jim Alderman, have two daughters and four grandchildren. We retired in '96 and moved to Lake Logan Martin. Currently, we have our house for sale and are moving to Charlottesville VA, where our youngest daughter and family live.

Divorced after 48 years from Ronnie Ranson. Am living in Alabaster and raising a 13 year old granddaughter. Retired from RN position as an OB nurse and then went from little babies to big babies working as ADON in a nursing home. I have 3 sons 49, 47, 39 and we all live within 15 minutes of each other. I have 5 beautiful granddaughters and 3 handsome grandsons. I stay busy with the 13 year old involved In competitive cheerleading and sewing kids clothes in a business with a friend.

ARTHUR "BUSTER" PATTERSON - I was 1 of 5 Patterson children to move through the halls of WEHS. After finally finishing college, on the career plan, I've worked for a number of retailers around the country. This has given me the opportunity to enjoy life in Nashville, Cincinnati, Clearwater, Boston, NYC, Washington D.C., Detroit and Memphis. After all that, life in the South looks very attractive. At this point I have been blessed with 2 daughters, 3 step-children and 6 grandchildren with 1 more on the way in May. Never thought I was the benevolent grandfather type, but we all fool ourselves. Despite the US Army, divorce and the IRS, life has in general been good for me. A little remembrance for one of WEHS more unique teachers. There probably has been only one time in all the years Mr Baughan terrorized chemistry students that everyone managed to pass one of his quizzes. We're all sitting there, scratching various parts of our anatomy, trying desperately to figure out just what a molal solution was, when divine intervention occurred. We had a fire drill and all got to stand around outside for about 15 minutes before going back in to finish the exam. It must have been the sun shining on our heads that caused knowledge to grow that time!

SHIRLEY POWELL - Went to MSCW (Mississippi State College for Women) after graduation from WEHS and finished in 1964. Married Larry Chapman (61) in 1964 and lived in Auburn until his graduation in 1965. After Auburn, we lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Our longest tenure was in the Charleston, SC area, specifically Summerville, SC. Both of our children, Scott and Susan, graduated from Summerville High School and went on to graduate from Auburn University. Needless to say, we spend a lot of the football weekends in Auburn tailgating and supporting our favorite team. See Larry Chapman BIO for more info.

My husband, Jerry Gentry, and I attended the '81 20 year reunion, had a great time! I have 1 son, Glenn and 3 grandchildren. I'm very lucky that they live less than a mile from me and I love being a grandmother. I am retired from American Airlines. I have kept in touch with Nancy Pigg Rinks and Bill. I see them several times a year. Nancy and I talk often. I really enjoy the web site. I have a photo, somewhere, ha-ha, of the 20 year reunion girl picture. I will try and find it and send a copy for the site.

After WEHS, I graduated from college - twice. Married Elaine Dockery (Auburn) from Decatur AL and have spent 41 years living all over the world: CA, TN, MI, TX, SC, FL, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt. We retired on Lake Jordan in Titus AL where I am an itinerant fisherman and golfer. We have 2 daughters, 2 grandsons plus a granddaughter born this summer. I am now a firefighter with the Titus Volunteer Fire Dept and a volunteer with the American Red Cross. I worked the Abbeville and Carbon Hill tornados just before Thanksgiving. Get yourself a tornado shelter before you need one. Looking at all the pictures at West End Online, seems nobody has aged but me!

I married Lee McKinstry from Homewood in '64. We have 3 children, a son and 2 daughters, and 2 grandchildren (soon to be 4). We moved to Atlanta when we married and have only happy memories of the 40 years of my life since WEHS. I was always a stay at home mom putting my all into all areas of my children's lives. My husband built a wonderful business in Atlanta and I supported him by being very involved in business entertaining. 4 years ago we sold that business and bought a home on the bay in Pensacola. We kept our home in Atlanta and still spend a lot of time there since our children live there. When I think of my high school years, the Senior year stands out. The joy of cheer leading for WEHS will always be a favorite memory of my youth!

I married Jackie Parker from Shades Valley. We have 3 children, Leigh Ann (deceased), David and Laura, and 3 grandchildren. I was publisher for Prattville Progress ('66-'82), St Louis Globe Democrat, Birmingham News/Post Herald, Montgomery Advertiser and Valley Times News. I currently live in Murfreesboro TN and am a sales rep for Village Square Cabinet Supply in Nashville, working throughout Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

I married Joan Samuel '60. I graduated from the U of Alabama with a BS degree in Commerce and Business Admin. I was a career Special Agent with the US Secret Service until retirement. We have a son, Timothy, a senior at U of Alabama. Joan and I did not know each other at WEHS. We were introduced by my sister in the '70s when I was transferred to Birmingham from Austin TX.

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