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Reunion Picnic 2019 - Page 1


On April 13th, 50 classmates converged at Oak Mountain State Park to again rub elbows with ol' WEHS friends. Our pavilion, overlooking Oak Mountain Lake, was the perfect setting for reminiscing with folks that shared good times growing up in and around West End. It was 70+ degrees and tables were decorated in West End blue. Lunch was catered by Jim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q. After lunch, there was much laughter as classmates shared memories of their WEHS days. Though it was a small crowd, we had a great time. As we wrapped up, it was unanimously agreed to have another picnic in two years!
Your Committee:  Kaye Tyler, Cliff Walker, Pat Patterson, Marie Clarke, Kay Forrester, Brenda Brown, Jimmy Daniell.

L - A beautiful day for the 2019 West End class picnic at Oak Mountain State Park.
R - Larry Chapman, Shirley Powell, Bobbie Osburne (Steve's wife), Mike Collins, Steve Osburne.

L - Elaine (wife of) Ken Watts, Brenda Brown, Ronnie & Elaine Beard.
R - Richard Bartley, Ann Gamel, Margaret Fulbright, Jerry Evans, Lew Rowell.

L - Jack Deavers (husband of) Shirley Wood, Bob Cross, Kaye Tyler.
R - Fred Pickard, Don Bates, Jere Gault.

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