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Reunion Picnic 2002 - Page 1

Oak Mountain State Park was the perfect setting for our WEHS 2002 Picnic.  About 100 classmates enjoyed a day of fun & a barbeque lunch.  It was lightly overcast with a breeze off the lake.  A perfect day for old friends to meet & catch up on their lives!  We know you'll enjoy these photos.  Most of the attendees are pictured (we apologize to those of you we missed).  Please help us identify those ? you recognize.  E-mail us & identify by page, row, left/right.

LEFT:  Elizabeth Hayes, Bobbie & Steve Osburne, Carson Southard, Gail Southard, ?, ?
RIGHT:  Billy Starling, Jerry Keith (Margaret Wright's husband), Mike Stapp, Billie Jo Ulmer, Ronnie Saltsman.


LEFT:  Ronnie Saltsman, Kaye Tyler, Deahdra Tyler, Gail Southard, Carson Southard,  Beth Thomas, wife of Jerry Thomas.
 Jackie Kirk, Joe Shortnacy (friend of Roma), Roma Neal, Shirley Elliott & husband, Paul Martin.

LEFT:  Linda Bryan, Emily Fredrichsen, Anita Hall, Jean Cowan, Kay Ballard.
 Elizabeth Hayes, Virginia Hayes, Roma Neal, Jackie Kirk, Jean Linn, Paul Martin, Shirley Elliott, Cliff Walker.

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