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Reunion 2005 Party - Page 1

Our West End High School Reunion 2005 was again held at The Club, overlooking Birmingham from atop Red Mountain. We enjoyed many hours of fun chatting with friends from our days at West End High. Coach Sam Short attended and looked great at 77.

1 - Committee Reservations - Mary Ann Tillery, Cecil Williams, Mimi Jones, Myra Buckner, Jean Cowan, Margaret Wright
2 - Checking in for Reunion 2005

3 - Checking in for Reunion 2005
4 - Mimi Jones, Charlcie Lively, Paulette Hinton

5 - Paulette Hinton, Coach Sam Short, Charlcie Lively
6 - Charlcie Lively, Paulette Hinton, Barbara Cork, Sandara Cork, ?

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