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Our Memories - Page 2
Updated 11/20/2023

I have to tell a good one on my sister, Sylvia. One night we had her convertible out and went to Constantine's. She got a piece of lemon ice box pie and did not eat it. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she told me I would see. Well, we drove to Green Alley and she let someone have it in the face. I wish I knew who it was. She never told me. Also, I remember when some of us would sneak off to Panama City, have a great time getting sunburned and bopping all Sunday afternoon at the hang out. Of course we were spending the weekend with a very trusted classmate. What fun until we got caught!

I remember the West End Theater's Saturday double feature, serial and cartoons; grilled cheese sandwiches at the burger grill next door; walking home to Alabama Avenue; Hemphill School; walking with Nancy, Marie, Diane, Kay and Mary home from school; of course my partial namesake Donna Jean's Candies and waiting for football hero, Bill Battle, to come by to buy pralines! At WEHS, thank you Mr. Baughan and thank you Mr. Clark (Marie's daddy) for driving us to school on rainy days in his step-van!

I remember Ms Deliska Skinner, who taught art. Now there was a teacher! She taught me a lot about Art by letting me be free to do what was working for me; she was quick to encourage - to push. Did West End influence me? You bet! However, as hard as I tried, West End did not teach me Spanish, Ms. Hilleke and I did not get along that well. My friend Larry Johns and I would not stop laughing - then, Linda Lyle would give us a glance and the three of us could no longer hold it in - laughing out - til we cried. Can't understand why I could not pass that class! I know that it was not the teacher. I still take Spanish lessons. Also, I paid for my green Vespa working at the drive-in theater, and three years at Burger-in-a-Hurry. I hope that the new investments in the area will help improve the old neighborhood.

It has been fun reading everyone's memories. I remember the sock hops in the gym, dances at Boutwell, Duke and Joe Rumor, Grady Pruitt (he had the radio show where we went up and took requests), Sky Castle, Hobbs drugstore and sour lime drinks, Constantine's and curb service, Holiday Beach and the "Bop" (did everyone learn holding on to a door knob or the fridge?)

I remember working the in the Junior Achievement Bank and being a marshal in the halls. I was so timid I wasn’t sure what I would do if someone came by without an "okey", but fortunately that never happened. I also remember catching my fingers in the mixer in Foods class because the person who used it before me left it plugged in. Billie Jo Ulmer was the only one hollering so everyone thought she was the one who was hurt. By the time I got back to school the next day, the rumor was that I had caught my hand in a meat grinder!

I remember: 1) Mrs. Baughan teaching me how to learn history, which helped me get through college; 2) hanging out with Barry Ellis, Jerry Yaeger and skipping class once and getting caught; 3) my dad locking me in my room 'til I memorized chemistry equations; 4) that paddle in gym; 5) the scar on my knee from the "meat line"; 6) the sock hops and football games; 7) being shy when asking someone for a date; 8) my football endeavor .. boy did I stink, but did a little better at track; 9) the faces of all of us in what seemed like the hardest part of our lives .. puberty .. pimples.. 10) my old '49 Plymouth which ran mostly on oil; 11) spring breaks; 12) village fair at Auburn. Wow, all the hopes and dreams! I guess we found it was the best of times for the most part, but it seems so far away .. after so many years .. yet only a moment ago.

My best memory is recalling fun times when there was absolutely no responsibility. I equally remember chemistry and always thinking, "what am I doing?" and will Mr. Baughan finally figure out that I have no clue as to what is going on? Grateful just to get out of the class and labs when Buster Patterson saved the day by somehow coming up with the answer book for those lab problems!

I remember a couple of performers at a talent show at WEHS. There was a guy, can't remember his name but think it was Robin something, he brought on-stage his pianist/voice teacher who was blind. I remember that he sang "Surrey With a Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma, and did a good job. Does anyone else remember this? Then I also remember Beverly Walters who sang "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?" from My Fair Lady.

When I think back on our school years - we were so blessed to grow up in a time when we could enjoy the simple things in life and they were truly "Happy Days." 

My favorite memory is the night Mike Carlisle mooned the audience during a Shakespearean play. I was Titania, Queen-of-the-Fairies, trying to seduce Michael who played Bottom, a drunken tinker (wait, it gets better). Mike was wearing a 20-pound donkey head, which could account for the less-than-graceful way he landed bottoms up in the flowery bed. It caused his tunic to flip up, revealing bright red swim trunks beneath and that brought the house down, stopping the show in its tracks! There might even have been a standing ovation; you’ll have to ask somebody else for details because the Fairy Queen and the Donkey spent their 15 minutes of fame lying there clueless until finally somebody walked onstage and pulled his skirt down!

I fondly remember Ms. Ezell and Ms. Hilleke. I remember the dead chickens episode and Ms. Ezell's Investigative Team. I also remember that one of the lockers by the cafeteria had shrimp or fish or something inside. All I know is it had a memorable smell, whatever it was!

I remember Coach Short trying to teach me to kick extra points and field goals. Miss Ezell suspending me for 2 days because I cut classes. Ronnie McBride jumping out of my car one night because the police were chasing us. I guess I must have been speeding. They did not catch us!

My favorite memories of the WEHS days are trips to Panama City and dancing at the "Hangout" at Long Beach Resort. FUN!!

One of my favorite memories includes Ms. Ezell, the Hallway Nazi, and her band of Hall Monitors. I, desiring the thrill of authority, was one for a short time - unfortunately it was during my watch that the great Chicken Hunt took place. Someone with a great sense of justice secretly placed dead chickens in empty lockers, then locked them. It fell to the hall monitors to go up and down the locker line, sniffing to locate the dead chicken. And the way she patrolled the halls in the morning to make sure no couples were actually touching each other as they went from class to class. I also have a very fond memory of what Barbara Cork and I did the day Coach Roy caught us talking in class and made us write 500 times "I will not talk in Coach Roy's class." And I also remember with the greatest fondness the one brief moment that Gerald Kesler allowed me to drive his motorcycle.

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Updated  11/20/23     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here


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