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Memory Lane - Page 4
Updated 03/10/21

Posted here are photos I have been able to find of the places we remember
from the  50's and early '60s.
Please email or mail any photos you may
want to share (I will return those mailed). For my contact info, Click Here.


L. Loveman's downtown. You can see the Alabama Theater on the right.
R. Pizitz window display. Where are the HDTVs?

L. Many of us went to the downtown Krystal after a movie.
R. West End's Burger-in-a-Hurry was a favorite. Imagine a 15 cent burger!

L. Joe Rumore's Record Rack. Joe was a disc jockey at WAPI, then WVOK.
R. Pete's Famous Hot Dogs, downtown, had the best dogs on the planet.

Who can ever forget swimming in the ice cold spring water at Cascade Plunge!

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Updated  03/10/21     Email  weonline@westendhigh.com     Contact Me  Here


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