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West End Girls Lunch Bunch - Page 4
by Kay Forrester Barnes

Lunch Bunch 17 - A Little Italian! (2007)
Alice Faye Burgin -
The West End Girls Lunch Bunch had a super good time in October 2007 at Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant. Our group was larger than usual with three first timers. Of course this group is open to anyone who wants to come. We get together about once every 3 months. If you've never attended, you should try it. It is really fun to see old friends again and catch up with what's going on in everybody's lives. You'll make new friends too, so come to next West End Girls Lunch Bunch. We'd all love to see you there!
Lunch Bunch 16 - Lunch & a Swim! (2007)
   See Photos
Shirley & Rheta Shortnacy -
On August 23, 2007, the West End High Girls Lunch Bunch had a meet, greet and eat at the Red Lobster in Vestavia. Over 18 WE Girls were present. We had an almost private room to enjoy each other and get to know some that we may not have known before. Service was great, food was good and the fellowship was fabulous. After lunch, some of us went to the home of Rheta Shortnacy ('51 grad). We could have gone swimming but girls will be girls. Once we toured Rheta's lovely home, we continued getting to know each other better. Fun was had by all. We always enjoy seeing anyone who graduated from West End regardless of what year. Just email Kay Forrester (see top of this section) to be notified of our next fun Lunch Bunch meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lunch Bunch 15 - Special Event at Arlington (2007)   See Photos
Dianna Riddle - A modern proverb says, “You can’t go home again”. Well, (37 members of the WE Girls Lunch Bunch were able to recover the past for a little while on May 15th at a luncheon held at Arlington, the wonderful Antebellum home in West End. The day was glorious, the pansies were blooming, and new flowers were being landscaped. There were poignant moments recalling special memories of past events held at Arlington. Barbara Powell, who was married at Arlington in 1964, made a special trip from North Carolina to be with us. Sharon Ray also made a special trip all the way from California!. The food was wonderful - second only to the company. On that day, how nice it was to be able to go back home for just a little while. Watch for news of a special treat being held for us in August by Rheta and Shirley Shortnacy!

Lunch Bunch 14 - Guadalajara (2007)   See Photos
Marie Clarke, Jackie Greene - The West End Girls got together for a FIESTA time of fun and fellowship at the Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Hoover on Feb 19th. We had a good group present and had two classmates join us for the first time, Diane McGinty and Genie Rogers. Both said they plan to come again. After a short program and a delicious meal, memories of West End High were shared by all!

Lunch Bunch 13 - Dales Southern Grill (2006)   See Photos
Sharon Orr - Our Lunch Bunch group met on October 23 at Dales Southern Grill in Vestavia. We had a great time meeting, laughing, eating and catching up with each other on what all has been going on in each of our lives! Dales gave us the back room so we could have privacy and not disturb the rest of the patrons with our raucous laughter! It is such fun getting together with old friends and catching up with our lives. If you haven't attended one of our lunches, then come see what you're missing!
Lunch Bunch 12 - Antique Mall Fun (2006)   See Photos
Judy Barnett -
The Lunch Bunch of West End High School met Aug, 2006 at the Trussville Antique Mall Naramore Room for lunch and antique shopping. The room was full, approximately 30, as we gathered for some good ole West End fun, food and fellowship. We had several new folks and were so glad to see them again. We also had an unexpected guest, Lewis Womble. He saw the write-up on West End On Line and came by to say hey to several of us who remember him from the "old days" in school. We had so much fun reminiscing as "antique" prizes were awarded for several categories. Winners received white gloves, lace hanky and a mustard seed necklace in a Loveman's box! Do you remember? All who attended at a great time talking about old times and sharing what is going on with us now. The Lunch Bunch is a group of lady West Enders of the 50's and 60's, please consider joining us next time!
Lunch Bunch 11 - Round 2 at Lloyds (2006)
Nancy Whitlow - The holidays passed so quickly and everyone was so busy or out of town, we did not have our luncheon until February 10th. Many of the girls requested that we go back to Lloyd's, so that is what we did. All the ladies were so jolly and relaxed that day until I am not sure how many we had but I think around 35 braved the cold outside and joined us. There were a lot of new faces this time and we were all so glad to see each other. Kay Forrester Barnes gave a wonderful devotional, then we all enjoyed a really good lunch and each other. Girls, if any of your e mails have changed, please let us know, we do not want to leave anyone out. If you are not contacted by phone or e mail, it is because we do not know how.
Lunch Bunch 10 - Some New Faces (2005)
Kay Forrester - Once again the LUNCH BUNCH GALS had a great time together & a great group perhaps due to the wonderful restaurant where we met, McCormick & Schmick’s (near Brookwood Mall). It was exciting to have some new faces there, including Jean & Irene Burton, Faye Mintz, Jan Williams, Mary Ann Richerzhagen & Carol O'Barr. They all agreed that nobody had changed a bit! Ha! We had a moment of silence & prayer for 3 of our Lunch Bunch Gals that recently passed away: Judy Morris, Roma Neal & Betsy Henderson. Prizes were given to Irene Burton who had the most Credit Cards in her purse; Nancy Lou Whitlow who had the most tubes of lipstick; Mary Ann Johnson for the longest distance traveled (Tallahassee). We hope to begin some spin-offs from our Lunch Bunch meeting. Already a WE Girls Bridge Club with 3 tables (we need some substitutes if you're interested) that meets monthly for fun, food, fellowship & a little bit of bridge. Four other possible Interest Groups are: Praying Grannies, Support For Sick Hubbies, Single Gals, Stitch & Sip.
Lunch Bunch 9 - Red Lobster Fun (2005)
Kay Forrester -
The West End Girls Lunch Bunch met again on April 25, 2005 at the Red Lobster in Vestavia. Lots of memories were shared as each girl told something she remembered about their West End High School days. Out-of-towners who attended were: Brenda Mitchell from Marietta, GA, Linda Read from Jacksonville AL and Joyce Lawrence from Decatur, AL. Of course the upcoming West End High School Reunion was discussed and everyone was encouraged to attend.
Lunch Bunch 7 & 8 - Lloyd's is a Hit (2004)   See Photos
Aneda Howard
Lunch Bunch 7 and Lunch Bunch 8 were held at Lloyd's Restaurant and we had great fun at both, with 30 & 11 West End gals in attendance respectively. The food was wonderful and seeing old friends again was even better. If you haven't been to one of our lunches, then why not plan to come to the next one? You are sure to enjoy visiting with your old West End friends again and make new friends at the same time! You will have a great time!
Lunch Bunch 6 - Lake Outing for the Girls! (2003)   See Photos
Sandra Wood - On November 10, 2003, a group of West End girls met on Smyer Lake for our quarterly luncheon at the lake house of Mimi & Ward Watson. Although the number was smaller this time, the enjoyment of sharing our memories with each other in the good ol' days continues to grow. Those who could not attend truly missed a beautiful setting on the lake, great weather, food & fellowship. A special thanks to Mimi & Ward for their hospitality. I also enjoyed the contact with many friends from West End who responded but could not attend.
Lunch Bunch 5 - Havin' the Girls Over! (2003)   See Photos
Anne Williams - Twenty West End girls came to my house to play after school - 44 years after school! They were some of the group that has been getting together more since our big reunion at The Club several years ago & the development of West End Online. Others have gotten together for bridge monthly & informal get-togethers have happened between these old school mates. The lunch on May 22nd was a covered dish affair - couldn't have been easier - the food & conversation was outstanding! There is something very satisfying about reconnecting with old friends & having a second chance at people you barely recognize as having passed in the halls. These are the people of our generation who uniquely carry a portion of the memory of what it was like when & where we grew up. I can see goodness in their faces & words. These people have gained something through the years. A great by-product of that growing up is that it doesn't matter what you look like, were popular or undiscovered, rich or poor, had a great career or not, whatever - they are genuinely happy to see each other!
Lunch Bunch 4 - Valentine Treat! (2002)   See Photos
Kay Forrester -
The LUNCH BUNCH GALS had a wonderful time at their fourth event since organization! About 40 ladies met at the Red Lobster in Vestavia. The theme, of course, was Valentine's Day, with heart decorations, candles, the works! Lots of memories & hugs were exchanged carrying out the Love of Valentine's Day. Friendships were renewed & new ones established. There were several "first-timers" present, which is always exciting. First-timers Judy Barnett & Billy Joe Ulmer added lots of pizzazz to the day (just as they did in high school!) Those present shared a Valentine Memory & "Glad You Came Gifts" were given to Peg Spain & Ann Williams.
Lunch Bunch 3 - Smash Hit! (2002)   See Photos
Pinkye Lyle - Lunch Bunch 3 was held at the Hoover Country Club with 33 alumni attending. The food was delicious & beautifully presented with edible baby orchids. Our models were gorgeous (as all WEHS Girls are) & the fellowship was warm & special. A "West End High" good time was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to our glamour gals, Kay Forrester, Aneda Howard, Nancy Whitlow, Nancy Wallace, Diane Whitehouse & Ann Williams for "putting on the Ritz" & making us so proud of them; & a special thanks to Chico's at The Summit for staging a beautiful show. It was my pleasure to have se
Lunch Bunch 2 - Dines Poolside! (2002)   See Photos
Nancy Whitlow -
Lunch Bunch 2 was held at Peg Spain's home on May 1, 2002. 25 girls were able to attend this luncheon & what a great day it was. The sky was a beautiful blue & the setting was magnificent. Peg's home was sparkling & her backyard was so inviting! The West End girls began arriving at 11:15 am with wonderful looking salads & desserts. There was chicken, ham, tuna, slaw, pasta, fruit & salad. For dessert we had brownies, Mississippi Mud Cake, coffee toffee bars, divinity & apple cake. There were muffins, crackers & cheese to go along with the salads & plenty of tea to drink. It was all too delicious for words. Elizabeth Hayes led us in prayer before we all dug in to the feast before us. Many went back for seconds (I think I went back for thirds). The day was a bit chilly for May so no one tested the beautiful kidney shaped pool, but it was tempting! There was also a hot tub & we should have done that after the scrumptious lunch we had all eaten, but then none of us could have driven home! Many of the lunch girls could not attend the luncheon today because of grandmother obligations. We missed you & hope to see you at Lunch Bunch 3. We all thank you, Peg, so much for letting us share a little bit of your paradise!
Lunch Bunch 1 - A Great Time! (2002)   See Photos
Kay Forrester - The Mizan Plaz restaurant, owned by '62 WEHS grad Kenny Horne, was a very posh place for Lunch Bunch 1. The food was superb. As our 53 classmates entered the foyer of the restaurant, there was a roaring fire in the fireplace to greet everyone. Due to colder than normal weather, everyone arrived wearing coats & gloves! Faith McNamee, who has always been very creative, made up some beautiful blue & orange permanent name tags which can be reused for Lunch Bunch II. Faith & I collected money for the luncheon between hugs & greetings. Our luncheon was a special treat for several of the classmates who were unable to attend the October reunion! Before lunch, each classmate stood & gave their graduation year & where they now live. There was a show of hands for all who married WEST END GUYS & it was a large number! We took a count by those who attended the surrounding grammar schools & Robert E. Lee had the largest turnout! These West Enders want to stay in touch! As a blessing, Aneda Howard sang a beautiful song which she wrote about our luncheon. It was a wonderful time of love, laughter, PRECIOUS MEMORIES & a time to be cherished & stored away for future memories to recall when friendships were renewed & new relationships were developed. I enjoyed getting this group together & hope that those of you who did not attend can make it next time!

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