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Friends Now - Page 3


Janice Clark Russell hosted a '57 Jackson School by the pool party in 2009, 9 classmates
attended: Jerry Ulmer, Charlie Spain, Truman Price, Janice Gray, Nelda Jo Alvis, Sandra
Woods, Nancy Sandlin, Gene Hopper. We shared a lot of memories and had a great time.

Jackson Picnic 2007, Class of '57:
Charlie Spain, Gene Hopper, Janice Gray,
Barbara Pochran, Nancy Sandlin, Mary Helen Hall, Nancy Clark, Janice Hodge

e all met at the pool house at beautiful Zamora Park (a big rain kept a couple of folks
away. IWe had burgers and dogs, Mary Helen Hall baked a slap yo mama type cake.
Judy Spain made her family secret recipe ice cream. Gene Hopper, a tomato farmer,
brought some of the biggest best tasting tomatoess in the land. Nancy Sandlin brought
some great pictures of us when we were at Jackson 50 years ago. The fun and
fellowship that followed were priceless. -
Charlie Spain

December 2007

Peggy & Butch Timmons '60
Jenny & Wayne King '60

December 2007

Jim Hann '58, Butch Timmons '60,
Don Bates '60, Bill Rinks '60

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