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Bulletin Board - Teachers Page

You are sure to enjoy these letters & emails from our teachers at West End High!

Mrs Batey passed away in January, 2007 at 104 years old.

MS. ANN BATEY - E-mail of Jan, 2006

Dear WEHS Classmates - One of my greatest joys of a long life has been hearing from former students of our beloved West End High School. I loved you then, and now in my later years your remembrance of me warms my heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for helping to make by 103rd birthday so very special. May the Lord richly bless you and yours in the coming years. With love and best wishes always. - Anne Batey

MS. ANN BATEY - E-mail of June, 2005

For years I have treasued my happy memories of you former West End High School students, and now your remembrances of me in my sunset years have been so heart-warming. Thank you for making me so happy. You will be in my thoughts on Saturday. With much love and best wishes to each of you. - Anne Batey - Age 102 plus 1/2 

MS. ANN BATEY - E-mail of September, 2003

I do appreciate your notice about  the reunion on October 4 and wish so much  that I could be with you all.  Please express my good wishes to the group and remind everyone that my memories of you West End High School students are  most precious to me.  For most of the spring and summer I was not able to be  out, but I am rejoicing that once again I have been able to attend worship  services at church for the last month.  Maybe I'll make that ripe age of 101 on December 19. My love and best wishes to all. - Anne Batey

MS. ANN BATEY - E-mail of December, 2002

What a wonderful 100th birthday you have helped me to have by extending your good wishes to me!  Your remembrances have warmed my heart & have helped to give me even more zest for working on the next century in spite of my being almost blind & partially deaf & with limited energy.  Because of my weakening condition, I requested that the BIG celebration planned for me be replaced by having the first generation of my brother's children & their spouses for the noon meal which was catered in my home.  After 2:00 p.m. several of the second & third generations came.  What a delightful day with family!  A few others stopped by or called by phone, & by 7:00 p.m. I was completely, but happily & wonderfully exhausted.  That night I slept soundly.  The next day I slept all day except for meals (I can always eat heartily) & slept again that night. Many friends have stopped by during the days before & after the 19th.  So many have called or sent cards.  It has been such a great feeling that I recommend that you aim for your hundredth birthday.  Thank you again for your thoughtfulness in sharing this joyous time with me & adding so much pleasure to my special birthday.  May the Lord bless you richly in 2003.  You students are so special to me.  Do keep in touch. - With love
. - Anne Batey

  -  E-mail of May, 2002

Dear WEHS Graduates of 1959-63,
Thank you for your invitation to join you for your reunion in June.  It would be delightful to be with you, but these 99 years & 5 months I have stacked up for almost a century now are catching up with me.  Loss of much of my sight & hearing & the wearing down of my energy are signals that I need to stay home.  My life has been so richly blessed through the years, & it is wonderful to still be somewhat
mobile & able to be out, especially on Sundays to attend worship services.
Memories of West End High School days are still a joy to me.  I would like to share some of my 
favorite stories from those days  with you.  One day as I was standing by the window with the sun shining through it so brightly, one of the boys raised his hand & said, "Miss Batey, will you please
 pull down that shade?  It hurts me to look at you."  Both the class & I roared with laughter.  Another funny thing happened while I was writing on the blackboard with my back turned to the class.  A paper wad flew across the room & landed by the wastebasket.  I said, "Bill, go pick up that paper wad that you just threw."  The class gasped because they knew I could not have seen him do it.  What they did not know was that I saw a reflection of him in my eye glasses, & I knew exactly who did it.  I never revealed to the students the secret of my "eyes in the back of my head."  Another favorite of mine is about three brothers who were in West End.  I had taught the two older ones, but I had not taught the youngest brother.  I saw him after he graduated & said, "Leon, I never did teach you, did I?"  He responded, "Oh, no, Miss Batey.  I had an older brother that warned me."  These three stories & many others have brought me joy through the years as I have told & retold them.  Thank you for all the precious memories many of you have given me over the years. Lord willing, I will celebrate my 100th birthday on December 19 of this year. What wonderful years they have been!  I always enjoy hearing from you.  You may call, write, email or visit me.  It will be a joy to hear from you. With love & affection
. - Anne Batey

MS. ROB SPURRIER  -  E-mail of March, 2002

My daughter, Nancy, just showed me this wonderful website.  I remembered almost everybody on the pages.  I am living in Huntsville & am now 92 years of age, but I am still active.  I knit, cook, enjoy baseball (go Braves) & I have a great grandson that plays ice hockey & baseball, so I go to most of those games.  If anybody has a few minutes, I would love to hear from you. Ms. Spurrier.

MS. ANN BATEY  -  Letter of September, 2001

Dear Marie & Mel, 
Thank you so much for the invitation to the reunion of the '59-'63 classes of West End High School.  I have been able to attend many of the class reunions up until two years ago.  My memories of my years at WEHS are treasured.  I wish so much that I could be with you & renew acquaintances.  My retirement years (since 1962) have been very active, fruitful, & happy.  I will be 99 years old on December 19.  Old age is finally about to catch up with me.  During the last two years my eyesight has faded & during this year my hearing has gone down tremendously.  I am beginning to tire quickly & am limited in what I can do because of my failing eyesight.  Therefore, I shall not attempt to make the trip to Birmingham even though I would enjoy seeing all of you again. Please give my best wishes to each & everyone & let them know how much I treasure my memories of their response to me & my efforts to share my love of the English language with them.  Their courtesy, character, & desire to learn made a lasting impression on me.  I would be happy to hear from any of you by phone, letter, email or visit.  May the Lord bless all of you richly.  My love to all. - Anne Batey

MS. BETTY PASS BROWN  -  Letter of September, 2001

Dear Marie & Mel,
I am very appreciative of the invitation to attend the grand reunion of classes 1959-1963.  I have very special reasons for wishing I could attend.  Firstly, I spent twenty five wonderful years within the classrooms of West End High School.  I have memories of happy hours I spent with my students from 1942 through 1967; many of you, I'm sure, struggled with me through the different courses assigned to me to teach.  Secondly, prior to 1959 I had two sons & one daughter to receive their diplomas from WEHS.  I attribute their successful completion at outstanding colleges & their successful careers to the standards set by WEHS. After ending my teaching career, my husband & I did some traveling then we took on the role of doting grandparents - nine grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, & as of April 9, 2001 a great great grandson - only boy with the name Brown! My husband passed away in 1994.  After a year I sold my home in Vestavia Hills.  I moved into assisted living - Chateau Vestavia Manor.  My daughter & her husband decided that I should come live with them here in Raleigh.  For the last few years I have become more handicapped from diabetic neurophy in my arms & legs from which I have been coping since my sixties.  They wanted me with them so they could feel sure I would be more protected from falls or accidents.  I have been confined to a wheel chair for several years.  I will be ninety-two in October & I have to have a sitter or companion at all times.  It is with deep regret that I have to decline your invitation. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to attend this reunion & see all of you students who graduated from WEHS, a school for which I hold so much affection. I have had a good time.  I always wanted to become a teacher.  I loved my career & I loved all the students of WEHS who shared their lives with me. Congratulations & best wishes to all of you.  I shall be thinking of you on October 6th.  Have  a great reunion! - Betty Pass Brown

MS. PEGGY S. HEADLEY  -  Letter of September, 2001

Dear Marie & Mel,
Thank you for the invitation; however, I will be out-of-state. - Peggy S. Headley

MS. CHRISTINA TAYLOR FREDERICK  -  Letter of September, 2001

Dear Marie & Mel,
Thanks so much for the invitation, but I already have plans for that evening.  I'm sure the reunion will be a huge success & a really fun evening! - Christina Taylor Frederick

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