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Welcome to West End Online

For the '59-'63 Classmates of West End High School

Good Ol' West End High

Largest High School Reunion Web Site on the Internet *

Featuring 400+ Pages and 2000+ Photos


Since 2001, we have held 4 class reunion parties and 5 class picnics. Our last picnic was in 2019. Our planned 2021 picnic was canceled due to Covid. Sadly, there are no plans for further events, but it was great fun while it lasted - and the memories will remain with us. We appreciate the dedication and hard work put forth by our reunion committee over the past 20+ years. You made it all possible.


Another Lunch Bunch is planned for April 29th. See details.

In 2002, when Kay Forrester planned the first West End Girls Lunch Bunch, she couldn't have imagined that it would still be going strong 20+ years later. If you haven't attended a Lunch Bunch meeting, you're missing a real treat. To be added to Kay's notification list for upcoming lunches, visit Lunch Bunch for her contact information.


So that your classmates can reach you, please keep us updated if your email changes (or phone number, if you don't have email). We will not share your information outside of West End Online. If you prefer to have your information removed from West End Online, just let us know.


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If you do not own a set of WEHS yearbooks, visit Resume' DVD to get a free DVD.


* WEO went live in February 2001 to promote our 40th class reunion. In 2004, the marketing director of Classmates.com contacted us and said that WEO was the largest dedicated high school reunion website site they had seen and was surely the largest on the internet. WEO has since more than doubled in size, so the same likely holds true today. For the history of West End Online, see For Your Info.
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