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West End Girls Lunch Bunch
By Kay Forrester Barnes

Updated 10/01/2019

Join Our Lunch Bunch Notification List
If you haven't attended our West End Girls Lunch Bunch meetings, then you're missing out on a real treat. It really is great fun to visit and chat with old WEHS friends again and to make new friends too!
Please call or email me to be added to our notification list. - Kay Forrester - 205-824-5344 or kayforresterbarnes@gmail.com.

Bridge Group
Our 3 tables of West End Girls Bridge began in 2002 and we have played every month since. Our 'girls' come from all over and we
meet on the first Thursday of each month from 10am-1pm. Each gal brings a salad. Contact me if you are interested in playing or substituting. Sandra Wood - 205-969-0042 or sandrawdaniels@gmail.com.

Lunch Bunch 61 - Carrabbas Italian Grill (2019)
   See Photos
We had a
wonderful luncheon at Carrabbas Grill on Sept 30th. We had our own Private Room and even a first timer, Sue Reed. The food was excellent and it was great seeing old friends again! Our next event will be in January. More info to come later.

Lunch Bunch 60 - Brick Tops (2019)   See Photos
The West End Girls had a really fun lunch on June 25th at the BrickTops restaurant. We had our own private room. In addtion to our local gals, we had some come from Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Cullman, Jacksonville, Georgia and Texas!

Lunch Bunch 59 - Home of Anne Williams
   See Photos
We all remember how fun it was to go home with friends after school, so Anne Williams  invited the West End Girls to her lovely home for fun, fellowship and a salad luncheon. We had a great time!

Lunch Bunch 58 - Red Lobster (2018)   See Photos
On November 5th, we had a excellent lunch at the Red Lobster in Vestavia Hills. We had our own private room and another great group of West End Golden Girls!

Lunch Bunch 57 - Arlington Antebellum (2018)   See Photos
On Tuesday, August 28th, t
he West End Girls had a wonderful get-to-gether at Arlington Home & Gardens, one of our favorite Lunch Bunch venues. We had 4 First Timers: Mary Paul Frazier, Betty Carolyn Duncan, Mary Jo Sutter & Lynn White. The food was delish. After lunch, we had a tour of the antebellum home. A good time was had by everyone!

Lunch Bunch 56 - Bistro Provere (2018)   See Photos
On Tuesday, April 24, the West End Girls returned to one of our favorite venues....Jeff State Culinary School (Bistro Provere). Ann Roy was a first timer and we all enjoyed getting reacquainted with her!

Lunch Bunch 55 - The Bright Star Restaurant (2018)
   See Photos

On January 30th, the West End Girls had a wonderful time at the historic Bright Star Restaurant in BessemerAlong with us long-termers, newcomers Helen Hayes and Frances Gable, enjoyed good food, fun, and fellowship. Come join us next time!

Lunch Bunch 54 - The Fish Restaurant (2017)
   See Photos

On October 24th, the West End Golden Girls met again for another great time at The Fish Market Restaurant in Hoover. We had our own private room. We had a good turn out and it was such fun rubbing elbows with ol' classmates again!

Lunch Bunch 53 -
Capers on Park Avenue (2017)   See Photos
On June 27th, the West End Golden Girls met at Capers, in the Old Bluff Park School. After lunch, we toured the school and saw 'Artists on the Bluff' in action. As usual, we had good food and a good time with old friends!

Lunch Bunch 52 -
Bistro Provare (2017)   See Photos
The West End Golden Girls celebrated a beautiful Spring Day at Bistro Provare. The food, fun, and fellowship were amazing. So glad we have these good times to share the now and the past.

Lunch Bunch 51 - The Sweet Tea Restaurant (2017)   See Photos
It's hard to top our September Lunch Bunch at The Club in September, but we did get our next 50 off to a good start at The Sweet Tea Restaurant in January. The West End Golden Girls enjoyed a fun filled day. We had our own private room, great food and fellowship. Join us next time!

Lunch Bunch 50 - 50th Celebration at The Club (2016)   See Photos
What a wonderful celebration of the West End Lunch Bunch's 50th lunch together. On September 27th, about 55 ladies attended our lovely luncheon held at The Club. Not only was the food delicious but the fellowship was wonderful. We even had 5 first timers! Linda Barnes and Nancy Lou Whitlow did a beautiful job with the original art work of Linda attached to a vase of fresh flowers for the Table Decorations. These vases were given away as prizes for someone at each table. We look forward to many more Lunch Bunches. NOTE: From now on we will be known as the 'West End Golden Girls'.

Lunch Bunch 49 - Lloyd's Restaurant (2016)   See Photos
The West End Girls Lunch Bunch was held at Lloyds Restaurant on June 7th. We had about 40 ladies there, one gentleman, and 2 grands. We enjoyed good food and had a fun time, as usual. We are all looking forward to our 50th Lunch Bunch on September 27th. It will be a very special event that you don't want to miss. Come back to West End Online later for complete details!

Lunch Bunch 48 - Bistro Provare (2016)
   See Photos
On March 22nd, the West End Girls Lunch Bunch celebrated a beautiful spring day at Bistro Provare, the Culinary School at Jefferson State Community College. We had a wonderful, happy time and even had 3 First Timers! Bistro Provare has become a tradition that we look forward to every year. If you didn't make this one, then plan on coming next year!

Lunch Bunch 47 - Pappadeaux (2016)
   See Photos
The West End Girls met for our winter Lunch Bunch Pappadeaux seafood restaurant on January 18th. About 30 ladies attended. Sue Mann drove from Marietta, Georgia to get in on the fun and we had our usual Tuscaloosa girls and Shirley Powell from Jacksonville.

Lunch Bunch 46 - The Bright Star (2015)
   See Photos
In October, despite rainy weather, 40 West End Girls showed up for a superb lunch at The Bright Star restaurant in Bessemer. We were given a history of the restaurant, which was established 105 years ago. The Bright Star, which features Greek style steaks and seafood, is the oldest family owned restaurant in Alabama.

Lunch Bunch 45 - The Egg & I (2015)   See Photos
It's "NO YOLK". July 13th found us West End Girls at "The Egg & I" in Vestavia. We had a private room which is always nice. It's always so much fun to see old West End friends again and to make new ones. If you haven't attended any of our Lunch Bunch meetings, give it a try, I think you'll be glad you did.

Lunch Bunch 44 - Bistro Provare (2015)   See Photos
The West End Girls enjoying a splendid meal at Bistro Provare. Despite the rainy day, we had 40 West End ladies in attendance. Four were first timers! It is such fun to spend time with our ol' West End classmates. If you have never attended, we urge you to do so. We hope to see you there!

Lunch Bunch 43 - Jesse's Steak & Seafood (2015)
   See Photos
On January 19th, we had a delicious lunch and great fun at Jesse's Steak & Seafood near the Galleria. Today was special indeed as we had a nice private and very sunny room. It is always such fun to see old friends again. We had the return of Tracy Benton and Marie Clarke, which was great. We also had two first timers: Janice Ballard '67) and Deborah Warren '70.

Lunch Bunch 42 - Dodiyos Greek (2014)
On October 1st, the West End Girls had a great time at DoDiYos (in Homewood at Soho Square) for a taste of Greek fare. The food, fun and fellowship were very special. Kathy Dismukes, who recently retired from Royal Cup, joined us and plans to come again. If you haven't been to one of our Lunch Bunches, come join us. We guarantee you will enjoy it!

Lunch Bunch 41 - Villagio's Restaurant (2014)
   See Photos
On July 11, the West End Girls Lunch Bunch had a wonderful Luncheon at a new Italian Restaurant called Villagio's at Ross Bridge. As you can see from the photos, everyone (we had about 35 ladies) enjoyed themselves as we visited, renewed friendships, and made new friends. We had two first timers, Gayle Atchison and Virginia Gillespie.

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