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WE Golden Girls Lunch Bunch - Page 2

Lunch Bunch 40 - Bistro Provare (2014)   See Photos
The West End Girls held our 40th Lunch Bunch on April 24th at Bistro Provare, the Culinary School at Jefferson State College. The five course meal was extra special and we even had 3 first timers: Barbara Blanton, Betty Martin, and Sherry Baldwin. Judith Ratliff came from Texas, Brenda Mitchell came from Georgia, Margaret Cobb and Sandra Fredrick came from Huntsville. We had a great time and hope to see you at the next Lunch Bunch!

Lunch Bunch 39 - Red Lobster (2014)   See Photos
During a cold January day, the West End Girls defied James Spann's weather prediction and met at the Red Lobster in Vestavia for lots of good seafood and conversation. We had two first timers, Joy Bodie and Pat Bahr. It's always exciting to have new girls join our group!

Lunch Bunch 38 - Bistro Provare (2013)
   See Photos
Kay Forrester - The West End Girls had a delightful luncheon at Bistro Provare, the Culinary School at Jefferson State Community College. We will definitely do this again! The food and service were amazing and of course it was fun catching up. Our youngest attendee was Mary Grace McCord and our oldest was Mary Edna Greene. Wayne King was our invited guest. Wayne told us about his recently published book, 'Lake of Dreams', a delightful story of the quest for the world's largest bass.

Lunch Bunch 37 - Creekside Tavern (2013)
   See Photos
Kay Forrester - We had a great summer lunch bunch on Monday, July 22nd at Creekside Tavern in Patton Creek Shopping Center, Hoover. We had our own private party room. It was fun eating and meeting with our West End friends again!

Lunch Bunch 36 - Lunch at Anne Williams Home (2013)
   See Photos
Anne Williams - The West End Girls Lunch Bunch celebrated a beautiful southern luncheon at the lovely home of Anne Williams. It was the perfect setting for our ladies to mix and mingle and of course share stories of past and present days. Anne prepared the delicious lunch herself with 4 homemade deserts! Our next luncheon will be in July. More e information later.

Lunch Bunch 35 - Zea's Rotisserie & Grill (2013)
   See Photos
Kay Forrester - We had a really neat time at our March 2013 Lunch Bunch at Zea's Rotisserie & Grill, Brookwood Mall. We even had a first timer, Pamela Mc Brayer. A special treat was seeing Annette and Vonette Parker again, who have not been able to join us in quite sometime. Of course our regular long distance winner was Brenda Mitchell, who rarely misses a Lunch Bunch. She and her husband drive each time from Marietta, Georgia! The food at Zea's was excellent, so if you haven't been there, you might want to give it a try.

Lunch Bunch 34 - Ross Bridge (2012)
   See Photos
Kay Forrester - It is hard to believe but the West End Girls Lunch Bunch began 10 years ago! We have been meeting just about every 3 months since that time and many friendships and relationships have developed through the years. The exciting thing is new classmates and schoolmates continue to join our group. Some travel a long way to be a part of this fun and exciting group. On December 10th, we met at Ross Bridge for our 2012 Christmas Lunch Bunch Meeting. The weather outside was "FRIGHTFUL" but the fellowship was so "DELIGHTFUL".

Lunch Bunch 33 - Arlington Antebellum Home (2012)
   See Photos
Dianna Riddle & Nancy Whitlow -
Our September 7th West End Girls Lunch Bunch was a very special event hosted by Nancy Lou Whitlow and Dianna Riddle. The girls did an excellent job to make this every not only special but memorable as well. It was complete with table arrangements, door prizes, shared memories of Arlington and a tour of the Arlington Manor. This place holds a dear spot in the hearts of most West End Girls as we had special events there while growing up in West End.
Lunch Bunch 32 - Oscar's Restaurant (2012)   See Photos
Anne Williams -
On May 22, the "GIRLS" West End Lunch Bunch met at the Birmingham Museum of Arts. We took a mini-tour led by our own Marianne Schoel then had a delicious lunch at the restaurant called Oscar's at the Museum. A wonderful time was had by all who attended. We welcomed a "First Timer" Martha Steele and a gift was given to Barbara Powell who traveled all the way from North Carolina!

Lunch Bunch 31 - Dale's Southern Grill (2012)
Kay Forrester
The Lunch Bunch Gals met at Dales Southern Grill on a spring like February day. We had a lot of fun, as usual. We had two first timers, Billie Faught and Gail Williams. It's always fun to have new folks join us for lunch! Some exciting events are in the planning stage. Just to tweak your interest: 1) Alice Faye Burgin and Anne Williams are planning our next Lunch Bunch at the Birmingham Museum of Art, sometime in May. 2) June Harrell is working on the Chocolate Biscuit in August. 3) Nancy Whitlow and Diane Riddle hope to get us set up at Arlington where us Westenders have so many memories. Nothing definite at this time, but thanks to these ladies, we have something to look forward to!

Lunch Bunch 30 - Another Broken Egg (2011)
Linda Burnett -
We had a very bewitching time on Halloween at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Mountain Brook on Oct. 31,2011. We had about 20 to attend and to the ones who didn't make it, you missed out on great accommodations, food and service. Our waiter and waitress was the best. They not only provided us with good service they were very entertaining. Judith Ratliff from Arlington, TX (class of Jan '61) was in town visiting Nancy Pigg Rinks. We were glad to have her and hope she will come back. Next Lunch Bunch will be in January. Have a great holiday season and remember the reason for this season and see y'all in the better new year.

Lunch Bunch 29 - The Bright Star (2011)   See Photos
Shirley Shortnacy & Deanna Douglas -
Our August 1st Bright Star Lunch Bunch was a great summer break. Our summer crowd was slim, but we had Linda Smith from Mississippi, Brenda Mitchell from GEORGIA and Linda Bryan from Jacksonville AL, so if you lived close by, you were missed! We even had a West End Gal who graduated in 1944! Hope to see you next time!

Lunch Bunch 28 - Cypress Inn (2011)
   See Photos

Margaret Wright
On April 18th, the West End gals "traveled" to Tuscaloosa where we dined at the beautiful Cypress Inn. We had 2 first timers, Betty Ruth Stone ('59) who lives in Tuscaloosa and Judy Gilley ('58). Most of the time we meet in the Birmingham area but thought we would give a little "journey" a try. Our next meeting will be later in the summer. Shirley Shortnacy and Deanne Douglas will be our hostesses.

Lunch Bunch 27 - The Fish Market (2011)
Kay Forrester - Our Lunch Bunch Gals met at the Fish Market Restaurant in Hoover and found it to be a great place for our get-together. The accommodations, food and service were great. We had a good crowd too with about 35 attending. It was good to see June Harrell, Irene Burton and Jean Burton again after a long absence from our group. Our long distance winner was again Brenda Mitchell who came all the way from Marietta, Georgia. She has attended all but 2 of our 27 lunch luncheons. Our next lunch bunch will be held in April at the Cypress Inn, Tuscaloosa. Check back later for details.

Lunch Bunch 26 - Landry's Seafood (2010)   See Photos
Kay Forrester - The West End Girls met for our Fall 2010 get-together at Landry's Seafood House. As you can see from the photos, the food was very special. Marie Clarke ordered just dessert, yum! Our "first timer" was Deanna Douglas, class of '59. We had girls travel from Tuscaloosa, Springville, Jackson MS and Marietta GA to attend. A good time of fun and fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended.

unch Bunch 25 - Trussville Antique Mall (2010)
Diane McGinty - We had a small group at our summer lunch bunch at the Trussville Antique Mall, but we had a great time visiting, antique shopping and enjoying a great meal together.

Lunch Bunch 24 - Seafood Delight with a Special Guest (2010)
Kay Forrester - West End Gals met on April 5th at the Red Lobster in Vestavia. Not a large crowd, but we had a great time. Carolyn Stringfellow, class of '58, came from Navarre, FL to share with us a mystery novel she has written called "A Southern Mansion Mystery", which includes her grandmother's antebellum home in Tuscaloosa, along with southern recipes. Carolyn has just completed her second mystery.

unch Bunch 23 - Great Food at Dale's Southern Grill (2010)
Myra Buckner - On Monday, January 25th, the West End Girls met for our 23rd luncheon. We had a great time to talk and visit as we had a private dining room at Dale's Southern Grill in Vestavia. One of our usual long-distance travelers, Brenda Mitchell, came to town for the meeting. It's always good to have our out of town gals make the effort to attend!

Lunch Bunch 22 - Special Treat at The Spiced Pear (2009)   See Photos
Carol O'Barr & Jackie Linton - On Monday, October 26th at 11am, we had a very special West End Lunch Bunch at the new Spiced Pear tearoom in Homewood.
It was an enjoyable day for all who attended. Sue Mann and Brenda Mitchell drove from the Atlanta area. This was Sue's first Lunch Bunch and everyone was glad to see her.

Lunch Bunch 21 - Fun at The Olive Garden (2009)   See Photos
Kay Forrester - We had a great time at the WEST END LUNCH BUNCH held at The Olive Garden. We were limited as to the number of reservations we could have but had a great crowd of about 35. Several first-timers attended: Jackie Robinson, Nancy Dykes, Bonnie Dykes, Kathy Johnson, Sharon Glover and Brenda Anderson. Two party crashers attended: Charlie and Calvin Howard. It was good to see them! A real treat was West End grad Ben Burton, author of "Southern Shade" about one Christmas Eve in 1955. The photo on the cover of the book is the Burton home on Fulton Avenue in West End. It was delightful to hear Ben give a brief review of the book. Check out his web site if you are interested in more information about his book.

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