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Reunion 2010 Party - Page 1

West End High School Reunion 2010 was held on April 23rd at The Pine Tree Country Club. It was a night to remember with old friends reuniting for an evening of fun and enjoyment! We didn't get photos of everybody, so email us your pictures to be added to this section.

L - Kay Forrester hands out the name badges to Hess Fridley & Terry Robbins
R - Aneda Howard, Billy & Martha Andrus

L - John & Evelyn Perry Milner, Don & Pat Ferguson Walker
R - Louise Cox, Linda Cox, Marie Clarke

L - Fred & Linda Baird, Ward & Mimi Jones Watson, Gail Edwards
R - Fred & Alma Pickard, Bill Doyle, ?, Bill Ellis, ?

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Updated  02/11/19     Email  online@westendhigh.com     Online  February 2001


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