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Resume' CD Instructions

Thank you for ordering your WEHS Resume' CD!

Basic information about Your CD
1 - Only class pages & faculty pictures are on your CD.  No clubs, sports, recognition.
2 - To remove the CD from the case, just firmly press down on the center & lift the CD out.  Handle it on the edges.  If your CD acts up after you've had it awhile, it may be scratched or dirty.  Wipe it firmly with a damp cloth, and then dry before inserting in your PC, or email us for a free replacement.
3 - CD works with all versions of Microsoft Windows.
4 - Page quality is good, but limited by printing quality of the yearbooks.  Senior class images are sharper because they were larger in the yearbooks.
5 - When inserted, CD will start with optimal view settings.  Use the magnifying glass to increase or decrease image size.  Larger images will be grainy.
6 - You can view the CD on your PC with a CD or DVD player. Some DVD players allow you to view the CD on your TV.
7 - You cannot erase your CD or mess it up, so you can freely experiment to learn the use of the photo viewer software.  Use the dropdown HELP menu for further instructions & help. 

What is on your CD
1. On the CD, each class is in a folder of its own.  For example:
          1959 Teachers are in folder 1959-0
          1959 Freshmen are in folder 1959-1
          1959 Sophomores are in folder 1959-2
          1959 Juniors are in folder 1959-3
          1959 Seniors are in folder 1959-4
2. Within each folder are all the pages for that class.
3. Within the Senior Class folder are all the pages for the January & May classes.
4. Image01-J01.jpg is page one of the Jan. class.
5. Image01-M01.jpg is page one of the May class.
6. This is the tricky part for novice users:  After opening a folder & viewing all pages for that class, you will be required to open the next folder to view the next class, as it will not automatically go to the next class.
7. Once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing from there.  Just ask a PC savvy friend if you need help.

Your CD is self-starting
Just insert your CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive.  If you have Windows 98 or above, your CD should self-start utilizing InfranView, a shareware photo viewing program.  No other software is required; however you may use any photo software to view these images.  Your PC's self-starting feature should be turned on by default.  If your CD does not self-start, then you may need to turn it on (ask a friend if you don't know how).  Or you can go to the CD-Rom folder in My Computer or Windows Explorer & execute i_view32.exe to start your CD. If your CD does not self-start or you have problems viewing pages, ask one of your PC savvy friends to help.  You can also copy the contents from the CD to your disk drive.

How to navigate your CD after it starts
1 - Insert the CD into your PC's CD or DVD player.  It should self-start.
2 - Click on File Open.
3 - Click on small down arrow to the right of the "Look in" box.
4 - Select your CD drive to read the CD (usually D: E: F: or G:).
5 - Double Click on the year you want to view.
6 - Double Click on the first image to start viewing that class.
7 - Use the green right arrow to go to next image.
8 - After the last image, hit cancel.  If you jump to the first file, you will view the same class again.
9 - Click on File Open again & follow the procedures 2-5 above to view next class.

How to print  or email yearbook pages
From the dropdown menus above, select File, then Print.  You can "best fit" the image to the page to get a full size image on your paper.  Quality paper will enhance the result.  Of course, pictures will print in black & white.  Just attach the photo right off the CD Rom drive to your e-mail.  You do not have to copy it to the hard drive first. 

How to copy your CD to your computer disk
For you savvy PC users, the entire CD is less than 1Mb of data, so you may want to copy the CD to your computer's hard drive for faster viewing.  Just create a folder called Yearbook & copy the entire CD to it, including the folders.  Then create a shortcut on your desktop to the InfranView executable file, i_view32.exe in the main folder.

Call me if you need further help
Cliff Walker  -  770-326-6226

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Updated  09/06/18     Email  online@westendhigh.com     Online  February 2001


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